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  1. Re: bottle logistics for a baby who eats every hour

    My DD also likes to cluster feed in the evenings, but for us, it seems, that when I go to work in the evenings and she gets a bottle she gets more from the bottle and goes longer between feeds. She...
  2. Re: Son just turned 1 last week - I have questions! Help :)

    My son is 2.5 and he nurses still. There was no way he was even close to ready to nurse when he was 12 months. We did introduce cows milk at 12 months but he only had it durring meals. You definately...
  3. Re: Will sleep when ready...is that true?

    My son, who is now 2.5, was exactly like your son. He woke quite frequently to nurse until he was about 18 months when it dropped to once a night. He basically night weaned himself when I was...
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    Pain with letdown

    My DD is 1.5 weeks old and nursing is going very well. The only issue I'm having is some pain with letdown. Do any of you have ideas to help?
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    Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Ez has started to hug each breast before nursing on each side, accompanied by the aww noise. So cute!
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    Re: Need to pump overnight?

    It would only be from about 6 at night till 9 or so in the morning, and he would usually nurse about 2 or 3 times in this time period (he's been sleeping for about 7 hour stretches at night...
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    Need to pump overnight?

    My DS is turning 1 in a week, and my DH and I are planning on going for a night by ourselves. We've done overnights before, and I've always pumped, but I'm wondering if it's necessary now that he is...
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    Re: Random BLS rambles

    We just steam the broccoli and serve it in big chunks

    I would agree with sassypants that if your ds can't sit up by himself then BLS probably shouldn't be started yet... and maybe not even...
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    Re: Random BLS rambles

    Ezra absolutely LOVES broccoli! I thought that it would take a while for him to really get into liking food, but he's jumped right in. He'll eat just about anything we've given him, and eats it well....
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    Re: Rice cereal at 4 months

    My cousin has 2 girls, and they were both 95th % for height and 5th % for weight. Both were super healthy thriving little girls, just super tall and skinny.
  11. Re: constant late night feeds! please he

    Establishing a good bedtime routine worked wonders for us. We start between 7 and 8, start with a bath or lotion, brush teeth, read a book, rock with dad, time to sleep.

    We also co-sleep with the...
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    Re: Favorite binky reccomendations

    My little guy would only take the MAM ones, and only until about 4 months old. Now, I don't think he would take a binky to save his life
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    Re: Random BLS rambles

    We started solids over the holiday, and E may have eaten a little more than he should have, but he did SO well at picking everything up and getting it to his mouth (along with all over his face and...
  14. Re: Beginners at solids...what am I doin

    One thing to try with her grabbing the spoon away, is to either load up the spoon and let her feed herself (my favorite) or give her another spoon (or small toy) to play with
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    Re: Overproduction Questions.

    Just one thing about congestion... My DS has been congested since early on, and I definitely don't have OS. I actually use BM to get his secretions moving before I suck them out instead of saline,...
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    Re: 4 Month Old Stopped Gaining

    With the good diaper output I would say that your supply is just fine. I am one of the few who did have a low supply and the number of wed diapers definitely dropped, and his urine had a stronger...
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    Re: Is BF at 7 wks possible?

    :ita It's totally alright if you don't feel empty. As long as the baby's feeling satisfied, I'd try not to worry too much.
  18. Re: Keep going.. encouragement from 27+5

    :clap Way to go!! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Random BLS rambles

    We're starting solids this weekend :D and I had a few questions for you veterans out there...

    Do you introduce foods in the typical way (one food every few days)?
    Do you mash up things like...
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    Re: Baby Led Weaning Questions

    There's actually been some research done recently that is showing that its not actually making a difference as long as you wait the 6 months to introduce high allergy foods. (Unless, of course there...
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    Re: Vitamin D Supplementation

    If you do decide to supplement the one that I felt the best using was made by Carlson labs. It only has Vit. D and Coconut Oil in it
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    Re: Bubbles in puped milk

    :ita I have bubbles too
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    Re: so confused/discouraged.

    My ped says you shouldn't get concerned about a BF baby not pooping for a very long time (sometimes up to a month), unless it it hard pellets
  24. Re: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply

    I don't know this for sure, but it makes sense to me that the 8-12 feeds a day would apply until they are getting nutrition from other sources, so I would say until they are a year old as solid foods...
  25. Re: Pacifier/Bottle Advice / Recommendat

    My DS will take any bottle (not sure how we got so lucky), but he will ONLY take the MAM pacifiers
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