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    Re: Do I need to pump?

    Greetings! There is no reason to need to pump and store milk until you go back to work. You can wait until about 2 weeks before your return to work and fit in one or two pump sessiions a day just to...
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    Re: No milk at all?

    At this point in time, you might be one of the few women who will not produce a milk supply. It could be due to lack of glandular tissue, or maybe you have an underactive thyroid. Did you lose a lot...
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    Re: Breast feeding painful

    Yup, that's what a lip tie looks like! And yes, nipples get an extra workout with a lip tie! Some times as the baby's mouth grows bigger and the mom's nipple elongates deeper into the baby's throat,...
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    Re: Help! Baby not eating enough.

    Dear ABDIAZ,
    Trust your gut feelings....and perhaps be certain that your LO's day care provider is feeding your baby every two hours, 2 ounces per feed. Even if your LO does not like the bottle,(b/c...
  5. Re: Want to wean 2-year-old co-sleeper

    Hugs. I was once where you are now....weaning happens even if we do nothing to initiate it. I substituted nursing sessions for lap time, with a story book and a sippy cup. DS weaned in two weeks and...
  6. Re: 9 weeks in, want to quit! Out of ideas

    Do whatever works for you. I wish there was a magic trick to create the breastfeeding relationship of your dreams, but babies are not controllable by wishes, and sometimes all the science and...
  7. Re: What is "normal" for nighttime waking?

    All my kids woke to nurse every 2 to 3 hours for about the first year of life. I know that that is normal.
  8. Re: Overwhelmed and tired. I need to wean

    I was alarmed how easily my nursing toddler weaned when I offered him lap time with a book a puzzel, a song and a sippy cup filled with either juice or ( don't judge me) yoo-hoo, He weaned in less...
  9. Re: Enamel defect_is night weaning necessary? PLEASE HELP

    unlike a bottle, where milk not swallowed pools in the baby's mouth
    and bathes the teeth in milk
    breastfed babies take the nipple past the palate. there is no pooling of unswallowed milk therefore...
  10. Re: painfully nursing my toddler w/mastitis

    I hope no one here thinks that I have finally fallen off my rocker for giving the same suggestion twice on two different threads but
    Mimbrooklyn, I have met women who's mastitis/plugged duct...
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    Re: Using lecithin to prevent plugs?

    Greetings reading mom!
    I felt bummed out every time a got a plug duct. they hurt and made me feel lumpy all over. But mine were never associated with a fever.
    i met a woman at LLL who said her...
  12. Re: Establishing supply for preemie twins in NICU

    congratulations on the birth of your babies. You are doing great, expressing on a 3 hour schedule sounds fine, esp. considering that your lO's are latching when offered the breast. I am sending good...
  13. Re: Feeling...discouraged and disapointed

    Dear Faceof shadows,
    Breastfeeding can feel like a rewarding journey when we ease up on ourselves. Infants who are being fed breastmilk through a bottle still benefit from being offered the breast...
  14. Re: Attempting to wean my almost 6 month old!! I need ideas!

    greetings stefani! and welcome to the La Leche League forums. Before I found LLL I did not know any other moms who admitted to breastfeeding in bed. But that is exactly what worked for me too. And I...
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    Re: Uva ursi topically?

    This is a great question! I also was concerned about medications/herbs when I was breastfeeding.
    I used to ask my pediatrician and my ob/gyn. I have seen other mothers post about a website called...
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    Re: Encouragement

    I am responding to you now. I do not know all your background but I recognise the feelings of desperation and bewilderment. Your baby is not lethagic, he is active smiley and although weight gain has...
  17. Re: no breast milk despite all efforts

    You are feeling bewildered, yes? I wonder if a face to face session with a highly recommended board certified private practice IBCLC who takes insurance might be the way to go.
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    Re: baby won't drink....

    embarrassing confession alert.... dd4 weaned from me to Yohoo. you know, the chocolate drink with no redeeming value?!
    But he was eating a variety of foods at the time so I did not obsess.
    Not a...
  19. Re: no breast milk despite all efforts

    greetings Dotsnotfeathers!
    Your breastfeeding glitches could have multiple causes.
    However, it would be helpful if the lactation consultants who are confounded offered some explanation.
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    Re: Losing milk supply

    it is normal for your body to adjust your milk supply and many mothers do not fill up in between nursings. the infant who has a productive suck has no problem stimulating a milk supply. But infants...
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    Re: Losing milk supply

    dear ajsantonia,
    I understand your concern about being able to leave adequate amounts of expressed breastmilk for your baby while you are at work.
    Here are some suggestions
    calculate how many...
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    Re: Difficulty feeding 4 week old

    Dear 3 bloomingflowers,
    I am in awe of your persistence! Mothering a housefull of littleones while nursing a newborn is hard, even without glitches. Many mothers measure breastfeeding success by the...
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    Re: Lipase and evaporation

    Oh no! That must be so frustrating! I imagine that seeing my precious breastmilk float into the air due to the laws of energy transfer would make me curse under my breath. Someday your little one...
  24. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    first off , right from the start let me say you are doing great! Your LO nurses, gained weight, and takes a bottle of expressed breastmilk from his daddy.
    Niplle shields are a useful tool but I...
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    Re: Suggestions?

    I also let my LO's grab what ever they wanted from my plate. babies who have mastered the skill of self feeding can also spit out a food they don't like! I don't think spicy garlicy or cumin is a...
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