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  1. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    My LO is 6.5 months now and probably about 98% breastmilk fed. We have only just started on the weaning, and there are issues regarding oesophageal suture scars and dysmotility which menas we have...
  2. Re: If you don't give LO cows milk, what do you give them?

    Goat's milk or ewe's milk are also options.
  3. Re: How can I match a growth spurt with pumping?!

    As an EP'er I take more herbs when growth spurts hit and try to squeeze extra sessions in as and when poss. If you are still nursing while at home I would suggest maybe nursing more before you go...
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    Further to my post from July, I had just about been maintaining supply while ep'ing.

    Until this week.

    My LO is now 6 months old, I have been menstruating regularly for the last 4 months and am...
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    Re: Breastmilk after 6 months

    Agree with pp - sorry don't have more to add myself :-)
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    Re: CBS news- just a vent!

    The most natural way for baby (and mummy too) is to get exposure to daylight for about 15-20 mins each day. It can be early morning or early evening so you don't have to worry about the danger of...
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    Re: How much is too much?

    If he is hungry at the breast he will suckle more vigorously/for longer and you will soon provide sufficient for his needs/appetite.
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    Re: Night waking

    All I can think of - is he teething? My LO still wakes for a 3am feed and is 5 months so i am usedto that. If your LO has been a regular through sleeper it could be that he is either a bit poorly...
  9. Re: Disappointed in Yogurt all around.

    BM is, technically dairy...... So what is being said is no to cows' milk which if LO has been bf oc they may not tolerate.

    I am seriously considering making bm yoghurt - safe, nutritious, and I...
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    Re: EPing and overfeeding

    EP mum here too; personal experience of the past 20 weeks as follows:

    My baby fusses and roots if he has trapped wind - even a little bit. Once that has passed he tends to settle. If he has too...
  11. Re: World Health Organization recommendations for complementary foods...

    I understand, from my own research, that margarine is often fortified with/naturally contains vitamin D which people of colour may be lacking should they live in the Northern Hemisphere as the amount...
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    Re: Under pressure to quit!!

    Just to say TYVM for all the support :hug:clap:hug.

    Things in the supply dept seem to be holding their own although it is still taking FOREVER. Getting one of those handsfree bra things has at...
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    Re: HELP! EP pumps and questions

    Hi - and congrats on your new arrival!!!

    It is not ideal when LO is poorly and cannot feed directly - I know from personal experience. I also know how demoralising it is not to be producing more...
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    Re: Pump more than baby eats

    Is she getting any solids - I am guessing that, at 8 months, she is having solids introduced to her diet as part of the weaning process.

    If this is the case then she won't need quite as much...
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    Re: Not fat in my milk?

    Is the weather any hotter? Breastmilk thins out during hot weather as the baby needs more fluid intake. Am EP'ing myself and when this first happened I freaked too. Unfortunately you may have to...
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    Under pressure to quit!!

    I am ep'ing as my son has a very weak latch and I have not had the support to find the time to try and correct this. He is 3.5 months old and I am now under heaps of pressure to stop this as I am...
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