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    Re: 11 month old resisting breast

    anyone? he has improved a bit, but we are still struggling to have some relaxed feeding sessions apart from before bed.
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    11 month old resisting breast

    Hi. Sorry this is so long and detailled, but i'm trying to give as much info as possible...

    I have been breastfeeding my son for the past 11 months. Apart from the introduction of solids (we are...
  3. Re: Four month old baby increasingly difficult to feed... he

    Sakura- thanks for keeping me updated :)

    Our baby is a bad napper too, and like you say, won't nap well if we're out like my friends' babies do...i think they think i'm wrong as i'm happy feeding...
  4. Re: 6 month old not nursing in the morning?

    My baby is 4 months and is similar to this- he will often refuse a morning feed, when this used to be his favourite. We nearly always have to feed in the bedroom at the moment because he doesn't like...
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    Re: Poor sleep and fussiness


    Thankyou for you reply.

    I have read 4 months can be tough, so maybe his age is prolonging what was already becoming a problem as he has woken frequently since about 6/7 weeks old.

  6. Re: 5 month old wakes up to 8 times a night - trapped wind?

    I just posted a new thread similar to this as our baby as been waking more and more regularly with what seems like wind thrashing since he was about 7 weeks- he's now 4 months and we're waking on...
  7. Re: Four month old baby increasingly difficult to feed... he

    I'm in the same position with my 4 month old- he'll feed best lying down in the bedroom, amd cries or latches on and off anywhere else and in other positions. I'm in the same boat so any advice will...
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    Poor sleep and fussiness

    Our son is now for months old. His weight has always been good (though he is being weighed for the first time in 6/7 weeks next Tues so this may have changed), and nappy output is fine. He's...
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