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  1. Re: The Truth About Breastmilk and Ear Infections

    In addition to all previous comments, another thing that can increase the risk of more frequent ear infections is exposure to cigarette smoke...hope that's not an issue for you but you never know!...
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    Re: Could use some perspective...

    I'm also going through a lot of BFing problems right now, mainly supply issues despite all my best efforts. I'm really hoping it turns around soon. I'm not sure I can do this much longer, especially...
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    Re: Breastfeeding Problems

    I'm experiencing the same thing. My DD was sleeping 12 hours straight through the night, and also was not wanting to nurse when I am home (I also work). My supply basically decreased to half of what...
  4. Re: Facing many challenges, looking for support (*long*)


    I've been pumping later at night for the past couple nights and last night nursed DD when I got home from work around midnight. Woke up to nice firm, full breasts (first day that's...
  5. Re: Facing many challenges, looking for support (*long*)

    Great suggestions--I have two days off this week on Wed. and Thurs. and I might try a nursing vacation then. The only problem is, DD is really resisting nursing completely. I think she is teething...
  6. Re: Facing many challenges, looking for support (*long*)

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I will consider doing the dream feed. Even though she STTN from about 7p-7a, I still try to pump before I go to bed. I've missed a few nights of this though since I've...
  7. Facing many challenges, looking for support (*long*)

    Hello, just looking for some support and advice if anyone can help me. My DD is 8 months old and nursing has been a real challenge lately. Here's a laundry list of battles I'm currently facing:
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    Re: Am I making enough Milk?

    Is this the first time you've tried pumping? I pump at work and I usually get anywhere between 5 and 7 oz. for two pumping sessions. For me it seems to also depend on my stress level. I've read that...
  9. Re: Let down suddenly taking forever- baby can't wait

    I'm having similar issues right now: letdown taking forever. I've been experiencing some PMS-like symptoms on and off over the past few weeks, so I'm thinking it might be a hormonal issue. I'm not on...
  10. Re: Pulling off breast: slow letdown or just not hungry?

    Ahh, KellyMom to the rescue! Thanks for the link!
  11. Re: Pulling off breast: slow letdown or just not hungry?

    Yes, she sleeps from about 7pm to 7am with one feed usually around 4 am. I might try the dream feed tonight. Although today I'm at home and nursing her as usual but we are having the same problems...
  12. Pulling off breast: slow letdown or just not hungry?

    Hi everyone, my 6.5 month old has recently been more difficult to nurse, particularly at her last feed before bedtime. I've also noticed that at this time I'm not feeling a good letdown or that it...
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    Re: Solids. Mommy not ready.

    I know how you feel--I felt the exact same way. We started DD on solids a few weeks ago, and I was a little sad at first. I think I'm mostly over that now, just because it'sfun to see how much fun...
  14. Re: Starting solids and sippy cup question

    Thanks for the insight ladies! I was afraid a sippy cup might be easier than the bottle. I'm having trouble getting my DD to nurse at the breast because she seems to prefer the ease of the bottles...
  15. Re: Starting solids and sippy cup question

    I would also like to know...not sure what the deal is with sippy cups...how do they affect breastfeeding? My LO always reaches for our glasses/bottles of whatever my husband and I are drinking; is it...
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    Re: Joint pain

    I have the exact same issue. Mostly just stiffness in my ankles, takes a while for it to wear off once I get moving. It does seem to improve the more exercise I do and when I take my supplements: I...
  17. Re: Liquid greens for myself and breast feeding

    I know what you mean about not getting enough good veggies in your diet...that's the reason I just bought a juicer last month...I would consult someone such as an IBCLC about this supplement. The...
  18. Temas: Yogurt

    by @llli*adasmom

    Re: Yogurt

    Plain, whole milk yogurt (organic if you can find it) is the way to go. Yogurt is great for bouts of diarrhea.
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    Re: 1 year!!

  20. Re: Working mom, still bf--is it normal to feel so exhausted

    My daughter is 6 months old and I'm a first-time, working mom also. I'm a nurse on a busy hospital unit...pumping is exhausting, to say the least. You would think my pump breaks would give me more...
  21. Re: How to deal with preference for left side?

    I've been having difficulties with this, too. My daughter is 6 mos. and prefers the right side. She gets fussy on the left at times. I think it had something to do with how fast the flow is. I have...
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    Re: Rufusing right side! Help!

    I had a problem w/ my LO refusing left side. When I pump it's the one that yields the least milk, so I thought it might be my supply, but with a few positional changes I've gotten her to nurse on it....
  23. Re: Baby prefering bottle over me. What should I do?

    Hi--I'm new here, but I'm also having a similar problem. I work 32-40 hours a week, and DH stays home with my 5-month old baby and gives her bottles (of my pumped milk). Last week I was having...
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