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    Are anti-inflamitory meds ok?

    So I broke my foot and I want to be sure that pain meds and anti-inflamitory meds are okay to take. My doc didn't seem to even worry about the effects it could have on my lo. His quote "Aww hell, I...
  2. Re: Do you brush lo's teeth after nursing before bed?

    Brush teeth??? Why no, well my lo dosen't have teeth.
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    Re: Why is she doing this?

    My almost 7 mo still does it! It's normal. :eye
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    Re: Raw nipple

    Mama, you may have a split in your nipple. Not much you can do but prevent it from happening. Try different postions. My guess is if it doesent get better in the next day of so it is probably some...
  5. Temas: Help

    by elagantabyss

    Re: Help

    :fbhug My only advise to you is to nurse your lo as much as possible. Be sure to wake your lo if she sleeps longer that 5 hrs.

    Did you have a Ru-and-Y (sp?) bypass? If so it may be possible that...
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    Re: About to give up...

    Just keep at it mom! It will get better! But remember, the more formula he gets the less your body will make. He my have nipple confussion from using a bottle.
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    Re: She Latched!!!

    Good job mama! :clap

    I think any thing to get baby to BF is a step in the right direction. You know what your baby wants and needsd better then anyone. Just keep trying, she will get it eventualy....
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    Re: solids vs. formula -- long

    I agree as well. And btw...Nice job! :clap You seem to be on top of things!
    Honestly, I welcomed the extra sleep at night. If they are getting the majority of their calories from BM then I think...
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    Re: i don't want to wean :(

    Wow that is a really tough choice. I don't have any advise to offer. I am curious what others will say though. Their are some pretty BF savy women on here. I am sure you will get some good advise...
  10. Re: Funny!!! Has this happen to anyone else?

    Yes it has happend to me. What is even funnier is that she tried it on my pudgy belly! :lol
  11. Re: Zantac experiences/pacifiers--an all in one thread--

    The sugar water will not sedate them (like put them to sleep) it is used as a form of pain management. I think that just dipping the tip of it should be fine. HTH :gvibes
  12. Re: Plz help again! Cracked peeled nipples! I can't take it!

    LANOLIN, LANOLIN, LANOLIN. Know it love it use it always! I have been there. You have to push through the pain. I can say that when she does latch on its gonna hurt like hades but the pain will fade...
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    Re: Need Help!

    I think they sell them at walmart and terget. They just put a lining between your lo's mouth and your skin.
  14. Re: Zantac experiences/pacifiers--an all in one thread--

    My LO is addicted to the soothie kind the hospital gives. Walmart sells them but they are hard. We have had to get some from the hospital on the DL. I got people! :lol
  15. Re: Zantac experiences/pacifiers--an all in one thread--

    Try a different binki. You could dip the binki in a bit of sugar water to get her to take it. FLR...the trick to making a lo keep a binki in its mouth is try to pull it away from them. Naturaly they...
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    Re: Latch problem- please help!

    Mama, it is normal! Your lo is just as new at this as you are. Don't worry about how long he is on. Forget the clock! Nurse him when he want it and as long as he wants. For the next couple months be...
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    Re: Major Spit-up

    Usually, if the milk is clumpy and stinky when it comes back up it is acid reflux. But all babies spit up. Sometimes a lot but as long as he is content otherwise he is fine. :gvibes
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    Re: Baby Acne

    It will glear up. You are doing a great job! :hug
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    Re: Baby Acne

    My youngest LO had it all over her body! It was aweful for the first few months. She has extreemly sensitive skin. We had to was EVERYTHING with All free and clear. It also helped only bathing her...
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    Re: Overactive&engorged at 5 months!

    No need to mix the fruits and veggies with BM. They are plenty moist!
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    Re: Is breastmilk good enough????

    Hey mama, Your lo is drinking so much because it is comming from a bottle. Milk from a bottle, be it BM or F, is easier to get out. BF takes much effort therefor leading to much less intake, while...
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    Re: Sis told to top-up with FF

    I too was told the same thing! My lo lost a whole pound in the first few days after birth! Well of course the formula will make them gain weight but I am sure my lo would have been fine bf only. I...
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    Re: Clogged Duct???

    Do you have a white spot on your nipple?

    Yes warm compresses and massages should do the trick!
  24. Re: Taking expressed breast milk better than breast

    Hey mama!

    It's the age. This seems to be the most commonly asked question for new mamas. For the next month or so you will be nursing on demand. A lot of times you may feel like all you do is...
  25. Re: How to know whether the baby is full or not

    A buldging tummy is usualy a sign of gas and not fullness. At this point, he is going to be on the breast most of the time! All is well! :ita
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