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  1. Re: Does anyone use the Medela brand bags for storing?

    I love the lansinoh brand, i find them at kmart for around $6. They were teh best for freezing milk, and if i can't get those i will buy the gerber brand, but i don't like to freeze those because...
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    Re: help with clicking noise

    My son is tongue tied and it never affected bf. The ped says we don't need to clip his frenulum becuase it should stretch on its own with time, although he does have a small (what appears to be) a...
  3. Re: Offering support for long-term pumpers

    I have recently stopped pumping while at work-this week actually. C will be 1 yr old in less than 1 month, and everyone has asked how i could commit my lunch breaks for 10 months to pumping...I love...
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    Re: My weaning story

    Thank you for sharing your story with us and Way to go on nursing for so long!! (and you've got one right behind him nursing??):eek: You are definately strong!! I'm ready to stop at one year, but i...
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    Re: Not pumping enough for daycare

    Don't be discouraged about introducing formula to your son. I had the same problem when i returned to work. I thought i would never run out of the stockpile in my freezer, but it went very fast!! So...
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    Re: My baby is a beggar and a snatcher!

    lots of moms give baby food as young as 3 months, just make sure the cereal is very thinned out with milk, or start with the 1st foods, they're usually "runny" enough for babies to start with. I'd...
  7. Re: *I stopped breastfeeding, Now I want to start back*

    There is an herb you can take in pill form (i'm at work and can't reemeber the name of it). It increases yor milk supply in matter of days. I took it for about a week when i returned to work because...
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    Re: I want to wean my son...

    He does very well with sippy cup. I do pump at work and he gets one (sippy) cup of mommys milk at school the next day. (he won't drink formula from the cup). I guess really it's just easier to give...
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    I want to wean my son...

    I am having a hard time figuring out ways to make this easy on all of us. (mom, dad, and baby). My son is 11 months old and i'm ready to wean. He's been taking a bottle at daycare, but won't take a...
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