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  1. Re: Baby turning head while breastfeeding?

    Hoya just to let you know my baba went through a stage of doing this, really bizzare! But he's stopped doing it now thank goodness.. I kind of thought that it was because he had an itchy nose and was...
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    Giving bottles / supply questions

    Hello all

    I have a 5 month old and for the past month or so I have started giving him a bottle of ebm once a day. I have done this so that he gets used to taking a bottle so that i can have some...
  3. Advice on hunger cues and knowing when baby is full

    Hi all. I'm a newbie and first time mum to Toby who is 3 weeks 5days.

    Breast feeding is now going well although the first 2wks were a struggle. He is gaining weight like a trooper!

    I am just...
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