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    Re: How to Wean??

    :rotflmao:rotflmao. Too funny!
  2. Re: How quickly to introduce new foods

    As far as I'm aware the whole, New foods every two-three days, is only for under six months babies. I started weaning my little guy at six months and gave him everything, besides whole nuts and...
  3. Re: aching/pulling under arm while breastfeeding

    I had that too! Mine was after a bout of mastitis as well, when little one was about the same age, it only lasted a week or so, then it went away, so hopefully it does the same for you. I never did...
  4. Re: Cutting down pumping session at 8 months too soon?

    Is giant a huge grocery store? I'm sure they have plain yogurt lol its gonna be with all the other yogurt...
  5. Re: When pumping breaks are complicated

    I feel your pain! I work in a grocery store too and had to do some jump through some similar hoops, with having to find a manger to get in locked room, and it eating up my break. I have no advice,...
  6. Re: Ovulating after 21 months postpartum

    I had my first pp period at 19-20 months and it was less then normal, less painful, cramping wise then before too. I wouldn't worry to much lol
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    Re: Starting solids

    I think at six months she needs to start exploring food, nurse her before solids and just keep it low key, but yeah, I'd start giving her some table food
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    Re: Mass in breast

    I don't think so. I'd see your Dr asap, could be mastitis or something
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    Re: can it be kept?

    I wouldn't use it personally, not after its been warm, cold, warm, cold.
  10. Re: Am I leaving enough milk for when I'm at work?

    This is how I understand it too, that said, my little guy never drank that much, he was nine months when I started leaving him and he would drink the bare minimum, sometimes only two-three ounces...
  11. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    Why do you feel it didn't work? Honestly IMO you need to hide your scale and bottles for a month, then weigh your little guy and see where he's at. I'm not sure its good for either of you to obsess...
  12. Re: Am I leaving enough milk for when I'm at work?

    Typically the recommendation is 1-1.5 ounces per hour separated, so ten ounces for nine hour day sounds fine to me! Just freeze the extra for later :)
  13. Re: Continuation of weight gain/supply struggle

    What is your little guy up to for weight? I don't want to worry you, but my guy gained most of his weight before 6 months. At six months he plateaued and has only gained two and half pounds in the...
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    Re: blood clot from nipple

    It was yeah, we had some issues early on, but yeah its been fine for a long time, over a year and suddenly this crack appeared, its about a quarter inch long, right on the tip of my nipple, I have...
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    blood clot from nipple

    My little guy is 19months old and I've been having some issues lately with cracks in my nipple and extreme tenderness, it started about a month ago, I think its related to teething? Anyways tonight I...
  16. Re: Mother has hit the wall after natural weaning.

    Kinda sounds like chronic fatigue to me
  17. Re: Bottle troubles! Returning to work

    My lo never really took to the bottle, we just went straight to sippy cups and never looked back, but he was seven months when I went back to work
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    Re: Back to work, losing supply

    That is such a clever idea! I need to get one too :)
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    sleeping long stretches

    Ok, probably an easy question, but I'm super confused! If I co-sleep with my little one he will sleep 8-9 hours, nurse, sleep 3-4 hours, up for the day. When he sleeps in his crib, he is up every...
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    Re: Excess lipase with 2nd baby?

    I've heard that it can come and go, so hopefully it won't be an issue this time! :)
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    Re: Need help using nipple shield

    I'd stop giving the bottles for a bit and just focus on getting back to him nursing without the nipple shield, once he's solid, then you can start easing some bottles back in.
  22. Re: Mother taking supplements- help or hurt?

    I don't think it would hurt personally!
  23. Re: How average weight gain is determined

    My Dr didn't go from the lowest, she went off his birth weight. I would bet most drs go off birth weight, because you can't really know the lowest weight, unless you weight them every day.
  24. Re: Tips/support for weathering a growth spurt

    Netflix... :)
  25. Re: what is going on??? no weight gain?

    I agree with Meg, it sounds like perhaps something more is going on. Was your Dr concerned about his weight at all on the 30th?
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