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    Second letdown?

    Hi Mamas!

    I have been pumping at work for three weeks now. Everything seems to be going well - I produce enough milk or even slightly more than needed which I've been banking.

    I achieve...
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    Re: Fenugreek?

    I noticed a big boost in my milk supply within two days of taking it. Unfortunately, it also gave me diarrhea so I just don't take it anymore.
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    Re: how much milk to send to daycare?

    I did this because I was worried that they'd start a bottle and he wouldn't finish it and then the "liquid gold" would go down the drain.

    It's been a learning process on both ends as to what will...
  4. Re: How much should I pump at each session?

    Okay, I think I understand better now.

    I should be sure to...

    Empty the breasts completely each time I pump (so my body continues to make as much)
    Perhaps try pumping every two hours...
  5. How much should I pump at each session?

    Hi Mamas!

    I returned to work this week and will be pumping during the day while my son is at daycare.

    I have access to a quiet kitchenette at any time during the day, so I can pump on any...
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