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  1. Re: My doctor says... but what do you do?

    I feed my DD 3 "meals" a day. But no one said what a meal is. I feed her bites of a variety of puree foods. She may have oatmeal and applesause for breakfast. And for lunch we will have beef with...
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    Re: Not interested in the bottle

    I have no advise since my DD is 6 months and will only drink from the tap. I tried probably 20 different forms of bottle/nipple and they all just pissed her off. Now we are woking on sippy cups...
  3. Re: Anyone's husband never feed baby milk?

    DD won't let anyone else feed her. DH has tried a few times when I was so exausted that I could hardly stand, and in a attempt to get her to take a bottle. He is a very hands on Dad when he has the...
  4. Re: do i have to pump not to loose supply?

    My DD normally has uses one breast per feed, occasionally she needs the second breast but usually that is only if she has slept 8 or 9 hours and is really hungry. I don't really keep track of how...
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    Re: Weaning My Breasts from BF

    I have no help for you, just curious why you are weaning so early? Your LO is still so young and has lots of benefits to get from your milk.
  6. Re: HELP! Happy 9 weeks BF baby - Formula supplement????

    You have gotten some great advice. Stick with the BF. My pedi will let me bring LO in for a weigh in anytime with no charge. I would call to see if you could just come in to weigh baby every few...
  7. Re: Large Breasts, Nursing in Public..Bra reco?

    I was thinking the same thing. But since I sew, I was going to take one of my pre-pregnancy bras and just cut holes about the size of my whole nipple and wear the nursing bra over it. You would...
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    Re: CIO Method anyone???

    I co-sleep part time. My DD is quite active in her sleep. DH said it is almost like she is trying to crawl back inside. I have a horrible back problem that is only made worse when I have to twist...
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    Re: Storage While Camping

    I agree, should be fine as long as you keep it iced good. Don't forget extra batteries for your pump, I have found that mine really sucks the batteries down when I played with it here at the house a...
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    Re: Not the same


    I agree about the LC, that may help. Also, a new position I recently discovered (out of pure laziness) was laying down in bed, but instead of giving her the breast on...
  11. Re: How to support my wife with tough start?

    Congrats, and you sound like you are a rock of support for her!

    My only possible suggestion would maybe be nipple shields. I know a lot of ladies hate them, but they are the only reason we got...
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    Re: Feeling Unsure

    My DD even tends to suck her toes! I really hope she outgrows that one, and I wish I was still flexible enough to do that if the urge struck! But stick with it, the benefits are worth it.
  13. Re: Taking a nursing toddler camping

    I go camping all the time. I never worry about bears (not in bear country) or other animals, but I do worry about bees, but have never had a problem with them either.
  14. Re: safe contraceptives while nursing??

    I went with the paragaurd IUD, no hormones, no worries. I absolutely love it and would never use anything else at this point.
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    Re: Nightime stretch?

    And it can change again for toddlers too. My LO is STTN and has been since she was less than 2 months old. Now if I could just convince her 3 yo brother to sleep that well it would be a wonderful...
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    Re: new tubing

    I think you can buy everything at Target!
  17. Re: Work environment wanting me to pump in the bathroom!!!

    I would try to talk to the other mom that is pumping. Maybe if the 2 of you go together to someone it would be easier.

    And even if the door didn't lock, you could just have a sign that you put on...
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    Re: Lipstick nipple?

    That is funny, my older brother who my mom said BFed like a champ (and his size reflected that) was very tongue tied. His tongue was clipped when he was a teenager, and up to that point it was so...
  19. Re: 12 week old doesnt pee in the middle of the night?

    I asked my pedi about it cause my DD was doing that around that age. I was freaked out. But my DD had the propper number of wets, so the pedi said that maybe she will be easier to potty train when...
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    Re: Nursing every other day?

    My LO does that in stages too. She will eat till I think I am going to go insane, and the next day she wants to sleep all day and not really wanting to eat. I figure that she knows what she needs,...
  21. Re: any nurses or medical personnel? freaking out re: germs at work

    I was going to suggest the same thing. I love them. Small, portable, and easy to use. I don't use them at home very often, but I always keep one in the bag with my pump. Even if I can't wash them...
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    Re: Pump exclusively???

    :hug Sorry you are not getting support.

    I am not 100% sure, but I believe that you should be pumping the same number of times your LO eats. That seems like a lot of milk, usually 2 to 3 oz is...
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    lipstick nipples??

    OK, my DD is now 5 months old, and we are still EBF. I feel very lucky that we have had so much success. In the hospital we had trouble latching due to large nipples, but we overcame that with the...
  24. Re: Pain after breastfeeding Im the father help

    I have no advise, but keep the baby at the breast as much as possible. Formula will just lead to supply problems. I am sure some of the more experienced mama's will be along soon enough with...
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    Re: Confused after visit with LC

    I feed on cue, and DD has been STTN for the most part since she was 2 months. I believe that if you follow cues, and meet milestones, and make all the right diapers, you should be doing fine.
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