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  1. Re: Extra pumped milk, but on meds--would you donate?

    You could go through a milksharing program to donate milk. I did this with DS1. I was on Paxil, and posted my available milk to Milk Share, with a detailed disclosure of what I was on and why. I...
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    Re: Plugged duct help please.

    Thanks so much for all the replies! With no power and no electricity, we went to bed early (funny how late it feels once the sun goes down and you have little artificial light) and spent the night...
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    Plugged duct help please.

    So, I am used to plugged ducts. With DS1 I got them constantly, and had great methods for relieving them. But I have a stubborn one that I cannot get to go away, and now my nipple is hugely swollen...
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    Re: Help! My milk is disapearing!!

    When I was weaning off of formula supplements with DS1, I was advised to decrease by 1oz per day by my LC. Seemed to work brilliantly.

    I was also pumping like a mad woman after feeding to up my...
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    Re: When should you start putting in cri

    We don't own a crib, but we do have a co-sleeper and a toddler bed in our room. Most nights both boys fall asleep with us. Big boy gets moved to the toddler bed, and the small one gets put in the...
  6. Re: Help me with advice for a new mama back to work at 4 weeks

    Thank you, sent her the article. Hopefully that will help her some. I know I already sent her a ton of info on how much a BF baby needs per feeding, but she has now gone in the opposite direction. ...
  7. Help me with advice for a new mama back to work at 4 weeks

    A co-worker is back to work after only a few weeks of maternity leave. Her baby is now 1 month old, and seems to be taking a HUGE amount of milk while she is at work. We are talking 7-8 ounces per...
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    Re: One boob makes more milk

    I was that way with my first baby, and am experiencing it again with this baby. My left side makes significantly more than the right. I was able to keep things a bit better balanced by always...
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    Re: Build up a storage of milk???

    I have a freezer stash for backup in case of supply dips, spilled milk (just did that yesterday), growth spurts, etc. It just makes me feel better knowing that that milk is there in case I need it. ...
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    Re: How much in a bottle?

    We do 3oz bottles right now. If we need to go into the freezer stash, those bags are randomly between 2-4 oz, depending on how much I had left over to freeze after making up fresh bottles for the...
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    Re: Hands free kit?

    I have an old Medela hands free kit (the one with rubber bands that hooks into the Medela bra). I use the spikey thing that goes on the horns, and the upper hook that hooks onto my bra (Fancee...
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    Re: Rotate frozen stash?

    I use fresh milk for all but the last bottle of the day, and then a bag of frozen for the final bottle. Or at least that is the theory. DS does not care for the bottle, and is barely finishing off...
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    Re: 5 month old STILL nursing all night

    My DS1 nursed (or took a bottle while I was at work) every 2 hours 24/7 until he was at least 18 months old, and woke at least 2-3 times to nurse at night until he was 2 1/2. I abruptly night weaned...
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    Re: Work won't provide dedicated room...

    After I went back to work with DS1, I pumped in my cubicle with a nursing cover over the front, and a sweater (long sweater jacket that opens like a robe). I did that for 19 months, and pumped...
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