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    Pump in need of repair?

    I have a Medela PIS, like it a lot. Was hand pumping previously. it MAY be a supply issue- I'm investigating that, but just in case.
    How can I tell if I need to replace a part or to? Like the...
  2. Re: Experienced Nursing Moms - please read

    would taking more fenugreek than recommended help???
    or can you?
  3. Re: Sudden Low Milk Supply! Please Help!

    How do you know when you have to supplement? Are they irritable and fussy because of hunger???
  4. Low supply (seemingly) in 4 days time

    15 week old LO has not been feeling great this week. Taking him to pediatrician tonight. He is eating, just pausing more frequently than ever, and doesn't want the right breast at all- out of the...
  5. Re: Open Space Office, where will i pump??!

    Medela Pump in Style (PIS) has worked really great for me. I was trying the hand pump before that, which worked, but this was just like woah!!! When I began using it. Also, I'm going to try the...
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    Re: NO! to right breast

    Thanks, several good ideas and comforting thoughts. Its official, he doesn't like my right breast!!! Loved it until this week, but I'm going to try what you guys said, I just don't wanna dry up!
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    Re: How many ounces should we be at?

    Thank you so much! How helpful
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    Re: Returning to work - sad

    :hug:love to you.
    Its GOIN TO BE OKAY!! I promise you this. I did it 5 weeks ago, tears and all. Being able to see LO during lunch and feed him has helped me. Also, no problems with my milk supply!...
  9. Re: fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

    I'm not a doctor- so talk to yours.
    But I've taken FG for months, and it was recommended to me by not only frients, but a lactation nurse- who time and again has been a life-saver. LO is great
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    How many ounces should we be at?

    This is my 5th week of work, and I pump. My LO is exclusively BF! What a joy and relief that was to know it would work.
    My question is this.. LO is 15 weeks old, and he seems to be taking in the...
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    Re: How much milk for Daycare?

    Rule of thumb is that LO needs 1-1.5 ounces for every hour you will be away from them, so 8-12 ounces a day should do it. Of course you can always tweak it if needed. Given their policy, you could do...
  12. Re: How often do you BF your 3 or 4 month old?

    My DS is almost 4 months old and his schedule is as follows ( rough)
    6:45 am
    a little snack at 9:00
    2 am
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    Re: So sad...

    Awe mamma:hug
    I, too have no advice for you, only support. I work the regular 8-5 ( this is my 5th week). It was so hard at first, but I have no choice, NONE, being a single mamma.
    My LO has had...
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    NO! to right breast

    This could just be a freak thing combined with pre-teething behaviors, but my LO for the past two feedings refuses to take the right breast!
    what's up?
    I work, too but this is my 5th week, so i...
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    Re: Encouragement PLEASE

    Nothing surprises me anymore. fI PED treated you that way. I'm so sorry, mamma. I agree with pp. Wets/poops okay, then you keep on trucking. And ask the "why" behind what doc says. It may be time to...
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    Yellow Milk

    Okay, so been working for almost 3 weeks now ( back to work) and pumped for a month or so. Things are working out better than expected, only the past couple of days I've pumped a few bottles of VERY...
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    Can you BF w/ Cold?

    Dumb q, but can you BF with cold? i know i could with stomach virus, so I'm assuming i can this way
  18. Began work 2 weeks ago- hates fake nipple

    I'm at work, upset. Really shouldn't be blogging. However, my LO has been in the care of my mom for 2 weeks, going on three, as I returned to work. He is 12 weeks old this Wed. He has done pretty...
  19. Re: emergency...back to work, lost all stored milk

    Thanks for your help...
    Its a brand new job, is why I will only be pumping at noon... Maybe after making a good first impression, and getting to know the layout, more pumping sessions can be...
  20. emergency...back to work, lost all stored milk

    :crymoving and starting new job with DS at 10 weeks old. Had many ounces frozen, whom movers unplugged and ruined in freezer. long story. Just talked to LC who informed me that with moving this week,...
  21. Re: ok to combine milk pumped at different sessions?

    an ounce to begin with is awesome!!! good job
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    new job... only pump @ noon

    starting new job next week... will be my first time back to work since LO arrived. how in the world am i going to keep him exclusively on breastmilk only pumping at noon??? help!!
  23. Once frozen/refridge is warmed, then how long?

    Once you warm up (prepare) either frozen milk or refridgerated milk, then what are the guidelines? Use within an hour? I hope I am asking clearly. I am trying to prepare my sitter for my return to...
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    Re: Need help and advice!

    my lc told me of a prescription drug for acid reflix that begins with an R.... side effect--- ups milk supply. ask your OB though
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    6 weeks/ still every 2 hours

    my 6 week old LO is still averaging every 2 hours feeding ( start to start!!) i was told i am doing something wrong and he should at least be 3- 4 hours...especially at night. what do i do?? anxiety...
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