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  1. Re: Daycare Worries.... T.T Success Stories??


    My DD is 14 months and has been in a home-based DC since 12 weeks. I interviewed 2 center DCs and 2 home-based DCs and I was more comfortable with the home DC - especially with the EBF issue....
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    Re: missed feeding / pumping.

    I'm no expert, but I've done this a few times (my LO is now 8 1/2 months). The times this has happened, it hasn't affected my supply long term. But it's never happened 2 times in a row or even 2...
  3. Re: funny things your LO does while nurs

    I love all of these! My DD is 8 months old and here are her "things:

    - She almost always has to hold my hand or finger while she nurses. It's really sweet.

    - She likes to hitch her upper...
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    Re: Happy Friday

    Same here!
  5. Re: I know I'm borrowing trouble, but...

    Hi Seph,

    My DD1 was much like your DD, a self-scheduler - was very easy to predict (from 5 weeks! I was spoiled). My DD2 just the opposite, and much like your DS. When home, she likes to 'snack'...
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    Re: Good Experiences at Work

    Hello ladies - this is my first official post on the forum (besides in the introductions thread)...

    I thought I would have a hard time convincing my employer that I should have several small...
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