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    Re: Breast Milk is Amazing

    For my son, what really knocked the clogged tear duct out was a combination of bm in the eye (2x a day, just a couple of drops) and massaging the space between the top of the nose and the eye (100...
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    Re: inconsolable dd

    My son started doing this at 5 weeks too (he is 5 mo now) and it was so scary b/c I thought all kinds of things might be wrong with him. For us, I think it was just part of the awareness he came to...
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    Re: Why am I always so HUNGRY?!!

    Yup, I'm starving, all the time. Had a huge thanksgiving (canada) dinner a couple of weeks ago; went for a short walk, ate a big plate of nachos...still needed toast at the 3 am feed. I lost a...
  4. Re: sleeping through night - but will it stay this way?

    I second the bedtime thing - our son has slept 7 or 8 hours at a stretch since week 5 (he's 3.5 months now) and we implemented a 7:30 bedtime a couple of weeks ago to try and regulate his daytime...
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    Re: 7 Week Old Crying and Pulling Off

    Hi, I am new here & it's so informative to read all of your stories.

    I have a 3 week old son who has been nursing like a champ since moments after birth. His output is great and his weight gain...
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