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    Re: Pumping Foremilk Only...?

    You know, I exclusively pump and pump about 6 oz. per pumping session. I usually have a very, very thin layer of fat followed by a thick layer of opaque milk, and a thin layer at the bottom of more...
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    Re: Pumping Exclusively-Sore Lump

    Personally, I would wait a month to reduce pumping sessions The ex\p'ing moms I know agree that frequent pumping in the first 12 weeks will help you have a good supply later, when milk production...
  3. Re: Exclusively pumping, mastitis, & supply drop

    I hate to say it, but I wonder if you aren't pumping often enough to empty your breasts fully, predisposing you to mastitis and telling your body that you don't need as much milk. You might consider...
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