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  1. Re: Where can I get a Medela Freestyle hands free kit?

    Thanks so much! They have it there :-) $40 dollars is so much cheaper than buying a whole new one <3:love
  2. Re: cant believe pedi isnt supportive of cont'd bfing

    I would definitely get a new ped... She should be getting 3 meals and probably 1-2 snacks. As long as she has yogurt and other dairy who really cares about milk. She has mommy's milk and that's...
  3. Where can I get a Medela Freestyle hands free kit?

    is there anywhere I can get JUST the hands free kit? I lost one of the hookups and stepped on (and broke) the other. I really don't want to buy a whole new one just for the kit... It is really...
  4. Re: What do you think I should do? Any advice is welcomed.

    Well I exclusively pumped for 3 months and my daughter did the same thing when I tried to nurse her. Have you tried a nipple shield? That's how we transitioned from just bottles to mostly nursing.
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    Trouble with freestyle

    So I exclusively pumped 3 months with a pump in style and then about a month after I stopped exclusively pumping I got a freestyle (my pump in style was old and the motor was starting to go.)

  6. Re: Nursing and pumping at the same time

    thanks, I'll try that today, my freestyle has a hands free setup
  7. Nursing and pumping at the same time

    So I've tried doing this and can't seem to figure it out. I have the Medela Freestyle and Pump in Style both (usually use the freestyle as it works better for me). Any tips as to how to position my...
  8. Re: need help to switch from exclusive pumping to breast

    When I was switching from epumping to nursing I used a nipple shield to get my daughter used to the feeling of the breast. It only took about 3 days of using the nipple shield before she was nursing...
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    Re: Breastfeeding myths

    I was told that if I exclusively pumped I'd dry up in 2 weeks and my daughter would never take the breast. Not true, I exclusively pumped for 3 months and then started nursing my daughter and now she...
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