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    Gagged & Spit Up/Vomited

    My daughter is 7 months old, and for the last month I've tried 2-3 times to get her to eat solids (I've tried mushed up banana & sweet potatos, baby cereal, and jarred pears). Same reaction -...
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    Re: Sad mama, how to deal?

    Do you cosleep? That helps for me. I remind myself that for 8 hours a day we are cuddling and bonding...we just happen to be asleep while we are doing it.
  3. Re: am I waiting too long to introduce the bottle?

    Since you can work from home and/or see the baby sometimes during the day, 4 weeks should be good. You might try taking fenugreek to boost your supply during the 4 weeks so you get as much as...
  4. Re: Haven't dipped into frozen stash, but it's expiring soon

    Definitely use it. I agree with PP, this is breast milk and not a loaf of bread. The "expiration date" is not definite. If it's been frozen well and long then you should be able to go past it. ...
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