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    Re: Nipple pain ???

    I get them all the time :cry. They ares super painful but they go away on their own. Try a cold wash cloth right after youre done nursing. That helps me :ita
  2. Re: Baby crying at breast and constantly pulling away

    :ita with all the mommas here. I used to cry with my LO when she used to it :lol. What worked for me was to pump out a little foremilk before she ate and little by little she stopped crying. My...
  3. Re: Introducing bottles of breastmilk to an 8 week old???

    That helps too. Its the infant out of sight, out of mind. I started my LO on bottles as young as 2 weeks, just because she had to take formula because my milk wasnt coming in fast enough and she had...
  4. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    Silly question but do you scald it in a pot or can you scald it in the bag? Do you freeze it hot or wait until its cooled down?
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    Re: Super painful nipple pain

    Mostly after she eats. I have been pumping my left, which has the pain, more than I have nursed her from it. My LO likes to bite down and it makes the pain worse. It usually happens like 10 mins...
  6. Re: Introducing bottles of breastmilk to an 8 week old???

    My LO never had the problem but my niece did. The dr said to try and give it to her on A COMPLETELY empty tummy so she will have to eat. Or to try it on a half full tummy and let her experiment and...
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    Super painful nipple pain

    For the past few weeks I have been having super painful burning/itching pain in my left breast under the nipple and it travels up after my daughter nurses. My dr gave me antibiotics thinking it was...
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    BF and hair dye

    My dr said that there isnt research to show that dying your hair while BF wont harm your milk.

    Any moms out there know if that is true??:scratch
  9. Re: 5 weeks - nasal congestion at night

    My LO was like that for the first 2 weeks. We started to use a humidafier and it has helped her, and us :lol. You can try that :ita
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    Re: do cracks EVER heal???

    I tried a few creams and the one that worked the best for me and helped heal me super duper quick was the Medela brand one. My LO never noticed the taste while BF.

    Also when youre in the shower,...
  11. Re: Currently not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

    I had my LO 3 weeks and 6 days ago at Kaiser too and as much as I loved my dr and nurse, the LCs didnt help much to answer my questions either. I have turned to my sis and aunts for advice. I had to...
  12. Re: Three weeks in and more than slightly discouraged

    If you want to increase your milk supply, try eating oatmeal. There is a mexican wives tale that this drink called Atole, made from maze, helps bring in your milk. I wasnt producing anything for 3...
  13. Re: Poopin while eating...normal???

    I kinda figured that :D. I just find it funny because shes will be eating and then she turns red and all I hear is a grunt followed by a warm diaper bottom lol:lol

    We were changing atleast 7...
  14. Poopin while eating...normal???

    Now ive been told that breast milk acts like a laxitive so that could explain this, but, almost everytime my LO is at the breast eating, she starts pushing and has either a good full poop or a little...
  15. Re: She pulls away while eating to cry...help!!

    Pumping when im full to the max has helped a little. There are times when my breast feel like theyre empty and she still fusses, cries and pulls away. Im just learning to deal with it. As far as her...
  16. Re: She pulls away while eating to cry...help!!

    Thats what I though too, so I started to use a pacifer to help with comforting her, which she likes for the most part. She spits it out when shes done with it :lol. The choking and spitting up I know...
  17. Re: What is my baby doing? Latching/ unlatching/ sucking the nipple back in

    My daughter is gona be 3 weeks and she started doing the exact same thing at 1 week. Its to the point sometimes that I still want to cry along with her. I was thinking it was the letdown too, but...
  18. She pulls away while eating to cry...help!!

    My little one is 2 1/2 weeks old and loooooves the boobie, but durning some feedings she starts fuss and starts crying. She is hungry because she starts to suck on her hand when shes looking for the...
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