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    closet breastfeeder

    I took advantage of a 10 day trip when my daughter was 2.5 to wean her. The trip went fine, By the time i came back i had little production and my daughter seemed uninterested in the breast, this...
  2. Re: Wanting to start weaning process

    Well, after two nights of gordon. She has slept the whole night for two straight nights. Yeahhh. I guess i should not scream victory yet. But these two nights of sleeping have made a difference on...
  3. Re: Wanting to start weaning process

    Thank you for your reply. We had our first night of Gordon and it went rather well. She cryed for about 30 seconds each time after I separated her from my breast and fell asleep. It happened at...
  4. Wanting to start weaning process

    I have a 2.2 Year old, who has always been fed on demand, she wakes up several times a night, and I have never refused feeding, except for the 4 nights I have been away (Not all toghether) for work...
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    Re: Allergic to dairy - going away

    Thank you guys for all your support, Since we will be traveling in a month or so, I guess I have time to start pumping and freezing so she will have milk at least once or twice a day.

    I have heard...
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    Allergic to dairy - going away

    DD2 is 16MO she is BF on demand about 4 times a day and 3 at night. She is alergic to cow dairy, everytime I give her cheese, yogurt etc her mouth gets red, but her mood is unchanged. When I am not...
  7. Re: Been suggested to take antidepresant

    THank you for your replies, this just confirms my instict not to take the antidepresant.

    I wonder if St. Johns Wort would help, will do a bit of resarch on that.

    Thanks for the support. ...
  8. Re: 7meses ¿cuánta teti y cuánta papilla?

    Hola amigas, tengo una bebe de 15 meses que sigue lactando pero tambien come. El libro de CG es maravilloso y si siguen sus consejos les quitara muchas angustias. primero que nada todo los alimentos...
  9. Been suggested to take antidepresant

    Hello, DD2 is 15mo and ofcourse still BFing. I have been having severe issues with my husband and for that I am seeing a family therapist. I saw her for the first time yesterday. Of course my...
  10. Wakes up 4 or 5 times per night

    Hello, I wanted to know what other moms in my situation are doing.

    DD2 is 13 months, has never had any other milk but BM, i have given her cheese and other dairy and her mouth gets really red, so...
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    Question for a friend

    I would like to ask a question for a friend, Here are the facts: Baby is 6 weeks old, he was fed formula at the hospital and soon lost his latch, he has been on formula in a bottle and latched...
  12. Re: Encontré a un aliado en mi lucha con la lactancia!!

    La reunión es mañana a las 10h en la clínica kennedy. Junto al banco bolivariano. Mi mail es jennybertha@yahoo.com
  13. Re: Encontré a un aliado en mi lucha con la lactancia!!

    Sueña igualito que mi Dr. No estaremos hablando del mismo? Yo vivo en Guayaquil (una ciudad muy caliente). Si tu también eres de aquí te invito mañana a una reunión de apoyo a la lactancia. Avisame...
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    Going away for 10 days

    DD2 is 10 months now and am already thinking in June I will go take a course away for 10 days, she will be 15 months by then and probably with 3 or 4 feedings per day.

    My biggest concern is not...
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    Nightime feedings

    I am hoping someone can give me some advice. DD2 will be 10mo on Christmas day. By 4wks old she was sleeping 8hrs straigt and by 2 months she slept from 8pm to 6am, all that ended when she turned...
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    Is my baby ready for solids

    DD2 is turning 5 months today, she has been exclusively breastfed all along. However, how do I know if she is ready for solids. The ped said at her 4mo check up that she will be fine without...
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    Not sleeping much

    DD2 is 10wks old, we have had a rollercoaster of issues since she was born, but we have always managed to get through them. We had OALD, her stools were green, etc etc. On the other hand she was a...
  18. Re: exclusively pumping - supply dropping

    One more question. I just pumped for 15 mins did what you said. the first 7 minutes I pumped 2 in one side and 1 on the other, then I massaged and got on to it again and very little came out of...
  19. Re: exclusively pumping - supply dropping

    Thank you for your repplies and kind words. Formula is just not an option at this point, and I will do whatever it takes to avoid it. DD1 never knew what formula is and she is so healthy that I...
  20. exclusively pumping - supply dropping

    I was forced to exclusively pump after my daugther developed a big wound on her upper lip. I have been pumping since thursday every 3 hours and I wake up once during the night. DD2 is 2months old...
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    Re: I need some support!

    If she is content at the breast keep her there for as long as she wants. I know it might sound like a drag, but there are all types of breastfeeders and yours is one that wants to BF every hour. IT...
  22. Re: exclusively pumping with plugged duct

    Thanks, I guess what caused it is the stress and the lack of sleep. i will rest and put all of this behind me and asume this new lifestyle without complaints.
  23. exclusively pumping with plugged duct

    I am exclusively pumping since thursday due to my DD2's wound in her lips, I must feed her by syringe in order for it to heal.

    I have developed a plugged duct, I am in pain, I am pumping more...
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    Re: Bad news :(

    Thanks everyone for your responses. The suport really helps.

    The good news is that I've been pumping great 5oz every 3hrs which for now is enough. DD2 is feeding from a syringe and is doing OK,...
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    Bad news :(

    This has been one of the worse days of my life. I've been told by the docs that I need to stop breastfeeding directly. DD2 was born with a straberry birthmark on her lip and because that area is so...
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