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  1. Breasts not responding to the breast pump again

    Dear All,

    Last time this happened, five months ago, I rode the wave out after going back to work, and my supply went back up within a week.

    My daughter is 8 months and three weeks. She weights...
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    Re: Fenugreek

    Hola Michywong,

    Yo lei en varios sitios que esto podria pasar. Tambien me lo advirtio mi lactation coach que esto podria pasar. Claro, consulta con tu doctor.

    Yo estaba tomando las pastillas...
  3. Shipping Breast Milk and Distracted 3 Month Old

    Hi All,

    (I posted this question on FB, so sorry for the dejavu) I go back to work in August, but I have been pumping more systematically with a manual pump for almost two weeks. I usually pump...
  4. Re: Have been nursing for almost 5 hours...


    It's normal. I read up on it too and posted, concerned that my supply was too low in the evening.

    My little one nurses for three to four hours straight, and not only at night. She...
  5. White Nipples from Normal Feeding

    This is not an emergency, but I have noticed that my whole nipple or parts of my nipple turn white after feedings, even after I use the manual pump.

    A lot of times my daughter does clamp down and...
  6. Re: Advise on clamping down and side breast muscle pain.

    That is exactly what it feels like, a toothless pitbull clamping down. I wish I had a 75% success rate because she has been nursing like a champion and pulling off 50% of the time or more. It...
  7. Advise on clamping down and side breast muscle pain.

    Dear All,

    I thought my daughter would outgrow clamping down, but that is not the case. A lot of times, especially after she is done nursing or falls asleep at the nipple, she clamps down and...
  8. Re: Breastfeeding Regression - Fussy Baby


    My DD is 6 weeks tomorrow, and she also is fussing a lot more, and not just in the evening. I have been reading up on it, and asked here about the issue in a previous post.

    It sounds...
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    Re: waking a sleeping baby


    My daughter is five weeks old now, and she sleeps long stretches (like 3 to 4 hours at a time at night) and I don't wake her up. I am grateful she sleeps, so I can rest up and catch up on my...
  10. Re: Tips for Increasing Evening Milk Supply

    Thank you so much for the great advice. My other son, didn't fuss like this. Well, that may not be true, and I may have misinterpreted his crying as a low supply then too, but he fussed later at...
  11. Tips for Increasing Evening Milk Supply

    Dear All,

    I am exclusively breast feeding my five week old (yay. that was a feat all in itself.). However, I have noticed that sometimes she fusses in the evenings (just did so) because my supply...
  12. Re: Doctor Requesting That I Supplement

    Things are definitely looking up. I am still working on the latch on the right side and trying to figure out how to get her not to clamp on and pull off my nipples. She did it again today, and then...
  13. Re: I need help! I want to stop supplementing with formula.

    I was in a similar sit for a few days, and the doctor wanted me to supplement after every feeding because she wasn't at her original birth weight after two weeks, but I was only giving her around 1...
  14. Re: Doctor Requesting That I Supplement

    Thank you again for the advice. I stopped supplementing almost completely after I posted the last message. My mom or husband still give my daughter a small bottle, when I am trying to get some...
  15. Re: Need help my 5 week old stopped nursing

    I don't have much advice, but wanted to offer moral support. It sounds like you have been off to a really rocky start, but hang in there.

    I was getting really discouraged, and have decided to go...
  16. Re: Doctor Requesting That I Supplement


    The LC was concerned that she wasn't emptying the breast, so I have been pumping and having my mom or husband feed her the bottles. I was giving her an ounce of formula with breast milk,...
  17. Re: Doctor Requesting That I Supplement

    Thank you for the great advice. I called my LC, and she suggested that I pump after every feeding for ten minutes on each breast to make sure the baby is getting to the hind milk because the baby...
  18. Doctor Requesting That I Supplement

    Dear All,

    I had my second child, my baby girl on March 5th via c-section. She weighed 7lbs 15oz. Afterwards, she dropped to 7lbs 2 oz. There were some things they did that I was not happy...
  19. Re: Is BM and Solids Enough (And I can't believe I'm posting here.)

    Thank you! I feel so much better. I guess you never stop second-guessing yourself. He is still nursing a lot and is full of energy.
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    Re: Funny

    LMAO! That's hilarious! I'm telling my husband as soon as he gets up. :clap:lol
  21. Is BM and Solids Enough (And I can't believe I'm posting here.)

    Dear All,

    First of all I can't believe I'm posting here.

    For the last two months my son has only nursed 3 times a day because he has been distracted, and I work full time. The pump wasn't...
  22. Re: Have I created sleep problems for my son by nursing him to sleep?!?

    I fed my boy on demand and nurse him to sleep still. I used to nurse him to sleep when he woke up three or four times a night; at around ten months, he stopped waking up to be nursed.

    He is 11...
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    Re: Tired and Frustrated

    I agree with what everyone has said. Get comfortable. Better yet, get pampered. It seemed like my son nursed every 45 minutes until he was 4 months old. We were very attached to each other. I...
  24. Re: Made it to 11+ months--Thank you!

    Thanks lady. I appreciate the encouragement.

    Knowing what I know now about distracted, active babies, I wish I had done some different things. But, we'll keep at it until he moves on. :o
  25. Made it to 11+ months--Thank you!

    Dear Friends,

    Antonio and I made it to 11+ months. He still nurses, but mostly in the morning and nights (Sometimes more on weekends!). The pump isn’t getting much anymore, so we lost the battle...
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