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  1. Mixed feelings/ melancholy about my recently weaned 17 month old

    Here is our situation- Since about 12 months or so I started nursing ds (who is now 17 months) less and less.The first year was pretty great but once he started getting more teeth, getting...
  2. Re: Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

    thanks-- I tried that latching technique this morning- if there was improvement it was minimal to none, but I can try again. Definitely not pregnant, 100% sure.
    today my supply seemed better but I...
  3. Re: On holiday with bitten, infected nipples!

    I don't have any advice but that is too bad! I have 1 3 month old and I am also having lots of issues due to teeth- I also want to keep nursing but am having troubles. I guess you could pump...
  4. Re: Teeth making things difficult -ouch!

    thanks for the update! I am having the same issue with my 12 month old and I searched through old threads hoping to find advice! he has a very uncomfortable shallpw latch since getting teeth (he has...
  5. Decreased supply nursing 1 yr old- help!

    I am kind of upset about this! I have a 13 month old. For the last few months I have been nursing him Much less than I did before- sometimes down to once or twice a day, and not always for too long....
  6. Re: BF 13month old - is my supply decreasing?

    wow! I saw the start of this post and logged on to reply that I am having the same issue :( only I am 100% not pregnant- but I am having less full breasts and decreased supply nursing my 13 month old.
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