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  1. Re: "Lovey" ideas to replace the breast

    Maybe go in a different direction and get something that has a harder rubber surface, like a baby doll?
  2. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    My LO thinks the whole nursing process is hysterical--when he isn't smacking his lips, which makes DH laugh.
  3. Re: Issues getting Baby #3 to take bottle

    Does she get really upset when you are gone? DS1 took forever to really take a bottle at daycare but he never was particularly upset.

    Have you tasted the milk?
  4. Re: Questions about night nursing

    The earliest I have heard for night "training" from any sort of sleep expert is six months. It sounds like you and your LO have a good rhythm together.
  5. Re: I Would Like One Glass of Wine :)

    Here is what Infantrisk says on the matter.
  6. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    DS2 now starts to giggle when I am getting ready to nurse him. It is like he thinks he is getting away with something--he may be noticing that his siblings don't get to nurse.

    I call it his...
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    Re: Low supply with pump

    A lot of women see a drop at 8-9 months. Could AF be returning or could you be pregnant?
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    Re: Which BM to give baby

    I usually sent the oldest milk from my stash on Monday and then the rest of the week made bottles from what I pumped the day before. I then froze what I pumped on Friday, and any extra from during...
  9. Re: Should I pump just in case?

    If I were you, sometime in October I would pump enough for a few more bags. I always liked to have 2-3 work days of milk in reserve. Other than that, I wouldn't worry about it.
  10. Re: Surgery and Breastfeeding

    And there are pain killers that are BFing compatible; again, talk to the people at Infantrisk.
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    Re: Night time weaning

    I, truthfully, didn't get that either. Right now DS2 sleeps in his crib until he wakes up, usually some time between 5 and 6, nurses, and then falls back asleep until we get up. He is a thumb...
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    Re: Night time weaning

    Here is the link for Dr. Gordon's night weaning plan. With my LO, it took night weaning to get him to (mostly) STTN. Before that he was sleeping better if I put him back in his crib (which is in...
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    Re: Not sure about weaning

    We night weaned with Glowworm at about a year using Dr. Jay Gordon's method and it did cut out night wakings (for the most part). Night weaning doesn't mean all the time weaning, even if you are...
  14. Re: Brestfeeding in public(long)

    I like the tank or cami idea. I also liked to wear (when it was cooler) a cardigan or a button front shirt over my shirt. For some reason I never was particularly bothered about pulling my shirt...
  15. Re: Brestfeeding in public(long)


    "Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a mother may breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, except the private home or...
  16. Re: Breast feeding, exhaustion and anxiety.

    My understanding is depression in general can lead to tiredness--add that to normal newborn tiredness and you are being hit from all sides. With the heat, do make sure that you don't get dehydrated....
  17. Re: Going back to work and really stressed

    I had to go back to work with this LO at 6 weeks--and he is still nursing fine at almost 17 months. I found that, rather than the baby preferring the bottles, he wanted to cluster feed when I got...
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    Re: Fish

    I would give it just the same as you are eating it. As the PP stated, the recommendation has changed on eggs. The other thing you could do is simply scrape off the coating.
  19. Re: Questions re: weaning before 1 year :(

    I am a high school science teacher and I pumped during lunch, during my planning period and right after school with all three of my kiddos. Do you know what your teaching schedule is going to be for...
  20. Re: Starting night weaning tonight. Support needed!

    We did his method with night weaning and it worked well, although there were some painful nights. I do get what you mean about needing sleep; that was what finally caused us to night wean.

  21. Re: Need Help Please - Allergic Reaction to Antibiotics

    :ita I haven't had similar reactions, but I know I can now go without pumping during the day and the milk is fine all day on the weekends. I also went on a 5 day trip to help out my Mom, only...
  22. Re: Return to work is not working.

    A few questions:

    What kind of pump are you using?
    Have you replaced parts (such as the membranes) recently?
    How old is your LO?
    Has your period returned?
    Could you possibly be pregnant?
  23. Re: Need Help with my 24 month old Breastfeeding Toddler

    Two things that I try to remember is that (1) a good serving for them is a lot smaller than what we think it should be and (2) they don't always eat evenly over three meals the way we are conditioned...
  24. Re: bottle refusal... not in the way youd think.

    If your mom could get him to take it from a cup, could his other caregivers do the same thing?
  25. Re: it seems as though our newborn is having a hard time

    What is the texture of the poop? If it is hard and pellet like, especially at this age, it might be a sign of a problem.
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