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    Re: Itchy breasts

    My midwives told me that my stretch marks were a possible cause of itching I was having (they were bright red purple ribbony style marks)
  2. Re: How do you get any housework accompolished when feeding on demand?

    Baby is now 7 weeks old, he came 3 weeks early, so my fabulous plans of prep went out the window. IF I had completed my 'things to do before baby comes' list, I would have definitely had my...
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    Working with and without DS

    I work in a very supportive evironment, close friends. I am to return Nov 13. I work essentially as an intake worker for a doctor. they are on pins and needles about whether I'll be ocming back at...
  4. Re: Obsessing over DD's Poo - Need a New Hobby!

    Hiya! I have some ideas for diaper rash. My boy has hideous diaper rash until about 2 weeks ago. I heard a billion ideas, but my top ones were:
    1. Cornstarch: cleared it up, but then it came back,...
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    Re: 7 Week Old Changes

    Thanks for the reply!
    I have noticed that he pees less then he used to. Esp at night.
    I am still washing diapers at the same frequency but we do have less REALLY soaked diapers..same amount of...
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    7 Week Old Changes

    Hi! First post, been a lurker since Week 1.

    My concern: My DS now 7 weeks, has slowly reduced the length of his nursing sessions and the frequency throughout the day. He used to feed 5-10 minutes...
  7. What to Do During Coughs During Nursing

    When I am feeding, occasionally Baby starts to cough. And I am faced with the dilemma of what to do in that very moment. To I jar his system and adjust his position, or do I keep him in the position...
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    Any Gassy Baby Techniques

    Soliciting for techniques for dealing with a gassy baby. We have to burp him continously throughout the day and pausing thoroughout nursing.

    My midwife suggested the obvious burping: patting,...
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    Re: Sore/Cranky and Feeling Sad

    Happy to announce, Yonah and I just had a 15-ish minute pain free session on my 'bad' side. (perhaps I need to call it something else to give it positive energy)
    He popped on and off a few times and...
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    Re: Sore/Cranky and Feeling Sad

    Thank you so much...
    Everything everyone of you said was so reassuring. I'm such a nervous mum. And want everything to be perfect. It so nice to have connected here.
    That last statement there...
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    Sore/Cranky and Feeling Sad

    Hi! I am totally new at breastfeeding. My baby is heading into his 6th day. He is exclusively breastfed.
    As I had a midwife birth, he was placed on my chest immediately following birth for 1.5 hrs....
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