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  1. Re: still exclusively breastfeeding at 10 1/2 months

    Good for you!!! I noticed my DS started gaining increasingly less with each month after his 6-month appointment (at that time he gained 400 g in 1.5 months) and my supply was strong at that time. ...
  2. Re: Help with milk supply and nursing schedule!!

    I was in a similar situation a month ago or so, because my DS followed a similar pattern. I am not a lactation consultant so please be critical of my advice but it seems odd to me that your baby...
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    Re: 10 Month Old, Lower Supply


    Thank you so much for responding to my query and for your time, of course.

    1. I feel my supply is low in the evening because I know I have so much more milk in the morning (maybe 3 or 4...
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    10 Month Old, Lower Supply

    My 10-month old has been breastfed and eats solids very well during the day. He breastfeeds 4 times during the day (3-4 hour intervals, or more if his nap is long) and once in the early morning. ...
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