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  1. Re: Does any one have a baby born in early April?

    My son was born April 2.
  2. Temas: No Poo!

    by beckylennon

    Re: No Poo!

    Normal! My son, who pooped with every feeding for the first six weeks and then about four times a day for the next six weeks went to twice a week poops so quickyly four weeks ago that it seemed like...
  3. "routine" is not in LO's vocabulary!

    Nights are driving me nuts. My boy is 3 1/2 months old. I went back to work four weeks ago and started cosleeping three weeks ago because I was feeling awful (tired and irritable beyond acceptable...
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    Re: Number of feedings

    Feeding on demand and trusting your instincts is EXACTLY what you should be doing. It sounds like you've got a fairly large baby, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

    It's annoying to...
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    Re: used to take bottle fine, but now...

    Thanks to you all!

    Hey, maybe if he doesn't eat as much during the day and makes up for it when I get home from work in the evenings, hell start sleeping longer at night too. That would be...
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    used to take bottle fine, but now...

    My son will be twelve weeks old on Monday when I will be returning to work full time and my husband will be at home with the him. We are having trouble getting him to take his breast milk from a...
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    Re: Gas and milk question

    I think that same Dr. Sears book also has a recipe for almond milk.
  8. Re: Too many nighttime feedings = exhausted mommy. Any advice?

    He does seem to have something in his nose or sinuses making his breathing sound a little raspy at times, but when I lay him down to sleep he is breathing easily and quietly.

    This morning I...
  9. Re: Too many nighttime feedings = exhausted mommy. Any advice?


    Bedtime is supposed to be earlier, like around 10:00, but there's only so much we can do to get him to stick to that. He still has plenty of fussy evenings and he isn't really getting the...
  10. Too many nighttime feedings = exhausted mommy. Any advice?

    I am going back to work full-time in ten days. My son will be twelve weeks then and my husband will be a SAHD. Hubby's last day at the office is today so we will have some time to switch routines...
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    Re: Gassiness?

    Sometimes my son chills out after we give him the Mylicon, and sometimes not so much. So it's probably not helping, but I give it once in awhile anyway to reassure myself I'm doing everything...
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    Re: pacifier use??

    If the pacifier helps, use it!

    My son is nine weeks old and has been occasionally taking a pacifier since he was just a few days old. Like others said, I was terrified of nipple conufsion and...
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    Re: We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Re: sleeping almost through night--question about supply

    Thank you both!

    Unfortunately I was not blessed with anything close to another six hours tonight. He fussed from about 3:00 pm until going to bed at 10:00, and we had to give a couples ounces of...
  15. sleeping almost through night--question about supply

    Last night my 7 week old let me sleep for six hours and it was wonderful and much needed for me. That means he went seven hours between feedings. I don't expect this to happen every night, but when...
  16. Temas: Hiccups

    by beckylennon

    Re: Hiccups

    My seven week old gets them at least a few times a week. They don't usually seem to really bother him so we don't do anything out of the ordinary, but if he decides it's time to eat while he has...
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    Re: Just Started. SO MUCH PAIN!

    I just wanted to let you know I went through the same thing for the first few days after my son was born. Even though the LC at the hospital told me I was doing it right, I was in major pain every...
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    Re: 2 questions

    I use a hair band too!

    Sometimes Lennon will take the second breast, sometimes he won't. So at times one breast will go 6-7 hours without being used, but luckilly I have no had any problems...
  19. Re: Help feeling VERY depressed! another long one...

    I don't know if my input will help you at all, but I'll tell you how we're coping with the evening fussies.

    First and foremost, having my husband around to take turns rocking, walking, and giving...
  20. Is evening fussiness due to low milk supply?

    Hi all! You have been very helpful with my past questions, and here I am again.

    My son was five weeks old on Monday. For about four weeks now he's had colicky periods pretty much every evening...
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    Re: new here, have a 3week old

    Yep, we are going through the same thing here. My son was a month old two days ago and this started when he was getting close to two weeks old. We've dealt with it by reading everything in our...
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    Re: Pulling away and hands in the way

    My son likes to get a fist in the way when I am trying to get him latched on. I've found I am usually able to gently tuck the offending arm between him and myself long enough to get him latched...I...
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    Re: sleepy baby/short feedings

    Thank you everyone!

    I think I always really know the answers to my questions before I ask them, but New Mom Syndrome makes it hard for me to feel confident without a little reassurance.

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    sleepy baby/short feedings

    My boy Lennon is two and a half weeks old now and we are starting to feel more confident about our breastfeeding relationship, but his habits the last couple of days are concerning me. I am still...
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    Re: Clusterfeeding ALL afternoon

    Yikes, and I thought my boy's hourly cluster feeds were a pain at an hour apart! Best of luck in getting through that. I haven't figured out much about this mothering thing yet but I do know how...
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