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    Re: Baby Underweight?

    On the other hand, many of us had babies who fell down the percentiles on the growth chart!

    Where was he before on the chart? 5th percentile doesn't seem unreasonable given his genetic...
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    Re: confused

    Have you noticed if she gets fussy or pulls off during letdown? If it is overactive letdown, 2 months is the prime age for problems with it. It gradually gets better after that as baby get bigger...
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    Re: Foremilk/Hindmilk Imbalance?

    So it's better now? That's good to hear! :)
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    Re: no let down when nursing

    Oh, it's a vicious cycle!

    The pumping first idea is worth a try. :ita There are some other ideas here. It talks about creating a "letdown cue"... I wonder if you could help it along by having...
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    Re: Breastfeeding

    :ita For the first couple months you do feel like you're doing nothing but nursing. It's easiest if you can just put everything else aside and plan on that. Collect DVDs of all your favorite...
  6. Re: 6 wk old wants to nurse constantly???

    Yep, normal. My DS nursed that often for several months. As he got older he started spacing his feedings out -- by one year he had stretched it out to every two hours. :rolleyes: Not that your...
  7. Re: Good, Informative Article On Buying a Breast Pump

    :lol I got that feeling too. If you're breastfeeding you automatically need a pump. With my first I got a mini-electric because I was paranoid about leaving my baby without any expressed milk even...
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    Re: Really need some help

    Not that you need to hear it again, but I agree his behavior sounds normal. No red flags there.

    His poop could tell you a lot. If they're consistently green it could mean he's not getting...
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    Re: Pumping and Thick Deposits

    Here's some info on soy lecithin, if you want to find out more about it. If you've had any issues with depression, that might be why your doctor doesn't recommend it. There don't appear to be any...
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    Re: Latching woes and nipple confusion

    Have you tried giving him an ounce or so with the bottle before trying to latch him on? I'm just wondering if he would be less frustrated if the edge was taken off his hunger first.

    Or maybe you...
  11. Re: I need HELP!! Baby with green poop and blood!

    They say it can two weeks for dairy to be completely out of your system. But yes, soy can be another one that some babies are sensitive to.

    Here's some info about bloody stools. And this one...
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    Re: Too much poop

    Nursing can stimulate bowel movements. It's not unusual for a newborn to poop during or after every feeding. Are they large or just little squirts?
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    Re: Mother's Intuition

    There can't be any question about a pump rental being medically necessary in a case like this. There just can't. They better not give you a hard time. :mad:
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    Re: Nursing and Feeding 7 month old

    Do you nurse first right before offering solids? At 7 months eating solids is more about experimenting with different flavors and textures than about nutrition, so it's important to make sure she's...
  15. Re: Did you have low milk supply for your first baby and not your 2nd?

    I don't know that my supply was low with my first, but I certainly felt like I had a lot more milk with my second. Well, in the sense that my second gained a lot more weight a lot faster. My first...
  16. Re: Question regarding on-demand feeding schedule

    It sounds to me like the evening feedings might count as 2 or 3, and if his weight gain and wet diapers are good, then it doesn't seem like a huge issue.

    I agree with decbaby though. It couldn't...
  17. Re: 5-week-old rarely poops, short feedings

    Actually, it sounds like things are going really well!!!

    Around that age it can be completely normal to go a week or even more between poops. When he does poop, is it a fairly large amount? I...
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    Re: I keep hearing maybe I have OALD...

    Yep, even with OALD you're not going to get spraying from the other breast, and maybe not even dripping. If your baby pulls off the breast during letdown you might see some spraying though. But...
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    Re: Spitting up? Or Throwing Up?

    When you say she's throwing up, is it forceful and projectile?

    How often would you say she does it? Once a week? Every other night? Is it around the same time of night each time?

    How does...
  20. Re: 9 month old not really eating much solids...

    If you have to be away for long periods of time and you can't pump, then yes, he'll probably need some formula. Solids really can't provide him with sufficient nutrition at this age, even he were...
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    Re: Maybe lactose intolerant?

    :ita I agree with mommal. It doesn't sound like an allergy to cow's milk protein, it sounds really normal! Not fun, but normal. mommal has good suggestions there; hopefully some of those will help.
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    Re: 10 minute feedings - normal?

    My second nursed for 10 minutes on one side from birth. My first had nursed for 45 minutes at a time on both sides so I wondered if something was wrong. But he regained his birthweight by the time...
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    Re: Won't open mouth wide anymore!

    The most important question is, how does the latch feel? Is it uncomfortable for you while she's nursing? Do you have any soreness between feedings?

    It's only a problem if it's a problem (if...
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    Re: growth spurt at four months

    I always used it as an excuse to lounge around on the couch snuggling my baby and watching DVDs. :o What is this "getting things done" that other mothers speak of?
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    Re: Thrush/Blanching/Vasospasm ?'s

    I don't know if this is typical or if I just got supremely lucky, but my daughter had a bad latch (similar story -- wouldn't open her mouth; compressed the nipple, which came out flattened and...
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