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    Re: Daycare

    My baby is starting daycare next month and I am having some of the same anxieties. However I also have a 4 year old who has been in daycare since she was 5 months old and she did totally fine. Don't...
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    Tongue tie and gas/reflux

    I read that tongue tie can be associated with baby swallowing air and with gas, reflux, and colic. I am breastfeeding my second baby and compared to my first, this guy is very gassy, has many more...
  3. Re: leaving baby for a couple of hours at a time--no pumping

    Thanks for this reassurance! I took my older child out for a couple of hours on Saturday. It was great and worked well. He didn't need a bottle but it was nice to know it would have been fine if he...
  4. leaving baby for a couple of hours at a time--no pumping

    I have a 3.5 month old (he was a preemie and is 6 weeks adjusted age) and a 4 year old. My older child is showing some signs of jealousy and I think she could benefit from some quality one on one...
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    Re: No weight gain since birth

    Make sure to reassure yourself that this is not just a scale issue. I once identified a 5 oz descrepancy between scales in my pediatrician's office. One indicated no weight gain since the previous...
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    Re: Where to begin...

    I don't have a ton of expert technical advice to offer but I can offer you the perspective of having been in your shoes, the successfully transition back to exclusive breastfeeding and go on to nurse...
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    Re: Thrush?

    Thanks! That encouragement is so nice. I am so grateful he is breastfeeding. He is a real sweetheart.
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    Re: Thrush?

    Thank you! I feel reassured. I have no visible nipple trauma. I will see how it goes over the next few days.
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    My baby was a preemie and is 11 weeks old but only 2 weeks adjusted age and has been breastfeeding for about a month. He has been on an oral antibiotic for the past week for an eye infection. Two...
  10. Re: Iron and Vitamin D supplementation for large baby

    I would look for a new pediatrician honestly; this advice is not in line with modern recommendations.

    My understanding is that breastfed babies in northern latitudes should have a vitamin d...
  11. Re: Exclusively breastfeeding preemie now that we are home

    Thank you!! Yes this makes sense and gives me some confidence to go with my intuition here. Pumping here and there when/how it feels right makes sense Also, my baby gained 2 oz in 2 days at his...
  12. Exclusively breastfeeding preemie now that we are home

    I had a 30 weeker who was diacharged from the NICU at 39w3d. We have been home two days. We have been working on breastfeeding for the last several weeks while continuing NG tube feedings and he...
  13. Re: supply has tanked after plugged duct

    Thanks mommal
    Should it take so long to recover though? I feel like it is taking forever.
    I will definitely try to get in more pumping sessions. I am not able to nurse yet and probably won't be...
  14. supply has tanked after plugged duct

    I posted about my mastitis symptoms a few days ago. Today is Saturday and on Wednesday night I developed a fever and my right breast got very tender and a bit red (no streaks). My supply in that...
  15. Re: 1 week postpartum and pumping for baby in nicu-engorged

    Thanks for your reply. I woke up just now with a fever of 101.5 and was diagnosed over the phone by the OB on call at my hospital with likely having mastitis. She said if I feel better before I am...
  16. 1 week postpartum and pumping for baby in nicu-engorged help

    I am pumping for my 7 day old baby who is in the nicu and not able to nurse yet. Tonight I am suddenly very engorged and my breasts are very hard and painful. I have the chills and am a little achy...
  17. VT Public Radio podcast advises nursing moms to cover up or

    I thought there might be some interest by LLLI and forum members in this (in my opinion, totally outrageous) podcast from Vermont Public Radio that advises nursing moms to cover up or leave the room...
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    Re: 2 year old nursing to sleep?

    I would also be surprised if it were the nursing to sleep per se that leads to the early wake ups. I find my 2.5 yo takes much better and longer naps if I play white noise AND soft music. It took me...
  19. Re: Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    I just wanted to write an update now that I'm home from my trip. My husband and daughter ended up coming with me and staying for the first night. Then I had two more nights without them and arrived...
  20. Re: Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    Great to hear! It's so reassuring to hear from moms who were able to travel and come home and nurse again. I know it's always a possibility that she'll go on strike but it helps to calm my fears to...
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    Re: Best Medela Pump for flat nips?

    I agree, the PISA is probably your best bet for a Medela consumer-grade pump. I initially bought a Freestyle thinking that it was a higher end and therefore better pump and was disappointed. It is...
  22. Re: Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    This is all great to hear, thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences. I will bring the pump and pump once or twice a day I think. That way I know I'll keep some supply over the 4 days. I am...
  23. Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    I nurse my 2.5 year old upon waking and down to sleep at night in weekdays and at night and naptime on weekends. I have been away from her overnight before. When she was one I would pump before bed...
  24. Re: Weaning my 27 month old toddler - help

    I don't have any advice on how to wean entirely because I'm still nursing my first who is just about the same age as yours. So I've never weaned anyone before. But I have had good success with her...
  25. Re: Break up with the pump!! I want to ebf

    Congratulations! You worked very hard to get here and now you get to reap the reward of relaxed on demand breast feeding without bothering with bottles or pumping. It is so much easier isn't it?? I...
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