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    Re: Am I making enough Milk?

    I realized that I put in an IUD and since then my supply dropped! I'm going to try like hell to get it back!
  2. Re: Holy crap! Can my iud cause low milk supply?

    Yes its the Mirena! I'm going to the doctor today to have it removed. How long after should it return if I continue to pump extra and use the herbs and have him nurse more often? Any experience...
  3. Holy crap! Can my iud cause low milk supply?

    I've noticed a decrease in milk supply and I'm realizing that I had and IUD put in 2 weeks ago right after my milk supply decreased... Has this happened to anyone?
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    Am I making enough Milk?

    Hi- I need to know if I'm making or pumping enough. Today I bf at 4:30AM then my first pump of the day at 8:00AM I only expressed 2.5 ounces 3 hours later I pumped 2 ounces in 20 minutes. That is...
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    Re: Night sweats!!

    I have them also.. My LO is 5.5 months but I put in an IUD and that caused a period or bleeding... so I don't know what's normal just letting you know your not the only one!
  6. Re: I'm about to give in to formula, please help!

    I am nursing him every three hours and then pumping after for 10 minutes to stimulate more milk supply. I will try vacation days and baths, great idea. She is IBCLC.
  7. Re: I'm about to give in to formula, please help!

    can I build my milk back up to where it was before I tried sleep training? I've supplemented with formula for two days now...I want to EBF...Please help
  8. Re: I'm about to give in to formula, please help!

    i am giving it to him. but i'm not pumping 3 to 4 ounces after i feed him only a half an ounce or nothing sometimes. The only time i got 4 ounces was his first feed of the day.. I pumped in the...
  9. I'm about to give in to formula, please help!

    Here's my problem. 6 weeks ago I started a sleep training program to get my ebf baby to sleep thru the night. It meant that I did not feed him at all during the night. Fast forward..at his next...
  10. Re: **Horns & Playtex Drop-Ins/BM Storage Kit**

    They make wipes that you can use to clean the horns. Medela and Lanoush make them. You can use them to wipe your breasts also... You don't need more than the 1 set. A good wipe and they will...
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    Re: 3 oz in 4 minutes?!

    I feel like my baby drinks that fast also...I'm new to the sight and having trouble getting my baby to sleep longer at night. He' 15 weeks and I exclusively bf. He will only sleep for three hours...
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