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    Re: Question about sleeping

    even if we co-sleep he still doesn't sleep great, and hubby is anti-co-sleeping. I think i'm gonna keep going but with a loose wrap & hope that he out-grows this waking every 1/2hr - hr cause he...
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    Question about sleeping


    I'm wrapping my brains/ trying to find a answer to another difficulty, this time regarding my babies sleep.

    My 7 month old baby's sleep has never been great but he did go through a...
  3. Re: Not sure where to go from here...

    Thanks for the swift repley bfwmomof3 & when it's broken down like that things don't seem as ovverwhelming...

    May it be a good idea to try & pump a bit more whilst i'm home as I've only tried it...
  4. Not sure where to go from here...

    I'm posting this here as LO is 6 months but this does concern weaning and returning to work.

    The short stroy is that I've had no major difficulties with breastfeeding so far. I have reached my 6...
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    Re: advice needed


    It sounds like u & DD have a lovely rhytmn.

    evening fussiness is normal - up until nearly 12 weeks DD would cluster feed/nurse every hour from 3 till 8-9pm. I always nursed him first.
  6. Breastfeeding with first period...Help needed!


    My baby boy is just over 20 weeks old and normally has 9 feeds in 24hrs, occasionally wanting an extra feed at night (normally sleeps up to 7 hrs, then another 2).
    But Monday night I...
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    Re: 6mo achievement :)

    Well Done:thumbsup

    6 months is my goal as well @ mo (although I really want to BF for yr...) Are you going to treat yourself for getting so far??? x
  8. Re: 4.5 Month Old Frustrated at the Breast?

    I had a similar experience; my lil o is now just over 4 months old x

    About a month ago he caught a really bad tummy bug - he began vomiting lots of milk after each feed and wouldnt let me touch...
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