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    Re: When to use Pacifiers

    As long as it doesn't seem to be affecting his ability or willingness to nurse when you're with him, there shouldn't be anything wrong with your DH using a paci to soothe him while you're at work; it...
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    Re: Constant crying

    Here is an interesting article on ways to naturally improve your baby's digestive health:
  3. Re: looking for the perfect breastfeeding relationship

    Mommal said everything I would have said, so I'll just say listen to Mommal ;)

    I night weaned DS3 around this age, and consistency is very important. He fusssed and even threw fits about it, but...
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    Re: Milk Protein Allergy

    Baby acne is not uncommon and it seems to "flare up" when baby gets upset because of the increase of blood flow to the head...

    No need to cease nursing to "cleanse" yourself. If your baby has...
  5. Re: Pumping every 6hours/Baby getting diaper rash

    I must beg to differ on the thought that bf poop could not be causing a rash. DS3 had a constant rash on his bum for the first three months that only went away when I stopped drinking milk- it had...
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    Re: Breastfeeding yout toddler

    Shared on facebook :) Thanks!
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    Re: Confused about weaning....

    I guess it depends on your kid and how sensitive he is, but when I started giving my boys cow's milk at 1 year I never bothered to warm it up but just gave it to them cold. It didn't seem to bother...
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    Re: Confused about weaning....

    "Don't offer don't refuse" is certainly a valid way to wean and it works for many mothers-- but it is not the only way! If you want to offer, and your baby is willing to accept, and you are happy...
  9. Re: Help! How to get underweight fussy baby to eat more?

  10. Re: Help! How to get underweight fussy baby to eat more?

    So glad the Zantac seems to be helping :) My sister had to give her baby Zantac and it helped so much she went from being a skinny minnie to a chunky monkey in a matter of just a couple months :)
  11. Re: Made it to 1 year, he drinks like a newborn again!

    It's also possible that he could be coming down with something icky and solids aren't attractive right now and he wants to nurse more for comfort, though I hope that is not the case...
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    Re: Paraguard vs Mirena

    I researched the Paraguard pretty extensively after having DS3. It's non-hormonal, so seems best for breastfeeding. However I ended up deciding against it when I read that it can make your period...
  13. Re: Help! How to get underweight fussy baby to eat more?

    How is his output? When was the last time he pooped? Has he had any solids? Could he be constipated? Is he congested? How many days has this been going on?

    IMO, it's not his weight that is the...
  14. Re: I feel lost with breastfeeding. LO is underweight. Pls h

    But, he is still gaining weight. That's the important thing. Not every breastfed baby poops every day (some poop several times a day, some every 2 or 3 days, all variations of normal).

    I also had...
  15. Re: Too much going on! I feel resentment towards my son

    First of all, hugs, Mama :hug I've been where you are. Resentment towards their own child is not a feeling any good mother wants, but sometimes it happens. For me, it took me a long time to realize...
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    Re: Know what I'd like to see?...

    I can't believe I never followed through with this idea! (well, okay, I can). I am totally going to write to Bravado Bras (as suggested in PP) and share this idea. Because it is brilliant.
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    Re: Emergency infant feeding

    Huh? Is this an actual current concern or hypothetical?

    If this is a real situation, how long has the mother been gone?
  18. Re: Does extended bfing lead to longer fertility?

    I have done no research, so don't take this for fact at all. But my guess is that women nearing the age of menopause will start to expel multiple eggs at a time if they need to in order to empty...
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    Re: sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    Glad it worked out the way you wanted :)
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    Re: sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    Are you considering night weaning? Or just looking for some commiseration? Who know- maybe you'll be lucky and she'll decide she doesn't need to nuse at night anymore...
  21. Re: Having such a hard time on one side!!

    this! I was trying to say this in my first post but couldn't figure out a good way to explain it so I just deleted that part...but yeah. Maybe baby is just uncomfortable laying on his left side for...
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    Re: Breast milk storage

  23. Re: Having such a hard time on one side!!

    Could the pain on the right side be due to more than just a shallow latch? Does it ever hurt when he's not nursing? Does it just hurt at the nipple or is the pain deeper than that?

    Are you...
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    Re: Self-weaning at 18.5 months?

    My first weaned at this age too (I wanted to wean too, but it was so easy I think he was ready too); he soothed with a pacifier. If your baby is an avid thumb sucker that probably explains the...
  25. Re: feeling bad about pumping and dumping

    A lot of mothers refer to their breastmilk as "liquid gold," and with good reason! That said, it's not like you can't make more... ;)
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