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    Re: How much weight?

    My Son was born 8lbs 10oz and 21 1/2" long. At his 6 week check up he weighed 15lbs ?oz and was 24" long. We went today for our two month check up (he will be nine weeks tomorrow) and he weighed...
  2. Re: Baby is in 95th percentile in weight

    Thanks everyone for all the support and advice. I do feel much better about my baby being big with all of your personal stories. I will keep feeding him on demand and not stress about if he knows...
  3. Baby is in 95th percentile in weight!!

    My 6 week old son had a doctor's appointment today. He weighs 15lbs and is
    24" long. I was told he was in the 95th percentile and breaking all of his records in weight gain. He was born 8lbs 10oz ,...
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