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    Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    Went to ped office yesterday because low grade temp was still hanging on.
    No other symptoms So Dr didn't recommend anything and didn't want to cath him to try for a urine sample since she thought he...
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    Re: Three week old, possible oald?

    All generally sounds very normal.
    Now I don't personally have any experience with OALD. However, My LO had posterior tongue tie and lip tie and the weakness in his mouth, tongue, and jaw meant that...
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    Re: over supply? oald?

    With the oversupply and probable OALD, Unlatching baby and letting the spray from OALD flow into a towel before putting baby back to the breast is probably a good idea to help with the spit up/fussy...
  4. Re: Milk fat stuck to bottle during transfer

    You can likely order the adapters, and disks along with any other items you need (like extra rings and the sealing rings) online and get them quickly. I found (if I must use bottles at all) I really...
  5. Re: Baby ( 2 weeks old) only drinking 5-7min on one breast

    Does she seem satisfied when she falls to sleep? Or exhausted from effort and hunger?
    Most young babies take longer to feed but if you have a very ample supply and active letdown, then it is quite...
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    Re: 10 mo not taking the bottle

    is he getting water or juice? Could there be a lipase problem? Will he take freshly pumped milk?
  7. Re: forceful letdown on right breast causes baby to pull awa

    Take baby to bed with you and sleep when baby does.
  8. Re: Oversupply/allergy problem, nipple shield frustration (l

    With the new/less spit up development things might change a lot here for you so you may just want to roll with it and do what seems right to you at the time.

    However, what time do you go to bed? ...
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    Re: 4 weeks & may have an oversupply?

    Yes this does sound supply/OALD related.

    Have you tried simply unlatching her when let down happens and letting the spray go into a towel and then re-latching her? That way she doesn't have to...
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    Re: Mastitis? Or something else?

    Do you feel sick?

    Sounds like it could be a plug which can lead to mastitis but mastitis usually includes feeling sick (fever.)
  11. Re: Going Cold Turkey From Bottle to Breast

    Yep, sounds like you have become expert with the pumping.

    You might want to have the Dr check your prolactin levels too then since Reglain and Domperidone won't do you much good if your prolactin...
  12. Re: 9.5 mo nursing challenges - pls pls help!

    My LO is 7 months and I sometimes have trouble keeping him latched for more than a few minutes. Luckily he seems willing to nurse for a short spell almost hourly and his weight gain is actually...
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    Re: 3 month old night nursing

    If you can co-sleep/nurse comfortably in bed without having to fully wake up to nurse yourself, it will probably be far easier for you to get back to sleep and not stress out as much about the broken...
  14. Re: Going Cold Turkey From Bottle to Breast

    I agree with the PP
    Suddenly cutting out all bottles and only breastfeeding seems a bit premature and probably not safe for baby or maybe even you until you can confirm that baby is ABLE to get...
  15. Re: Going Cold Turkey From Bottle to Breast

    Can you explain the situation more? Why are you breastfeeding only 4 or 5 times per day? And why does pumping at exactly two hours affect when you can next put baby to the breast? I would think...
  16. Re: Sleeps at the breast, then wakes up screaming for food..

    If nursing more seems to be helping, nurse even more if you can.
    We had issues with my LO and my supply if I let him sleep as long as he would overnight, so there was a stretch of time where I was...
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    Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    Ok, tried the back carry. Will probably use that when going outside to work some.

    Started a low grade fever last night (between 100-100.9), not sure why. Gave some Tylenol last night and again...
  18. Re: Feeding Difficulties- Need Some Advice

    Once you get the TT dealt with, since it is happening so late, you may also need some physical therapy for baby since with tongue immobility muscles will need re-training how to work in order for his...
  19. Re: Being apart from 2.5 year old for 4 days

    I expect that if you Don't pump/express for 3 1/2 to 5 days, it will really hurt your milk production and if baby isn't ready to wean it could be kinda hard on you to deal with if you are conflicted...
  20. Re: Suddenly reduced supply at 1 year old

    good to hear!
  21. Re: My 3 weeks old has been hanging on my boobs since birth.

    Posterior tongue ties can be tricky primarily because so few medical professionals even seem to accept that they exist. How difficult it is to correct depends on how deep and tight it is. Some...
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    Re: 13 hour feeding

    If your LO screams when put down like mine did at that age and you don't have another person on hand to hold baby while you pee, it can be handy to have a sling to help hold baby while you use the...
  23. Re: Bottles and nipples advice for returning to work

    sounds like you currently have ample supply but you still want to make sure paced bottle feeding gets used while you are away at work since supply tends to regulate down over time and you don't want...
  24. Re: Bottles and nipples advice for returning to work

    For breastfed babies, stick with the slowest flow nipples or whatever seems to be closest to your flow.
    I recommend the book Balancing Breast and Bottle if you need to choose nipples. I chose the...
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    Re: 13 hour feeding

    Oh and remember that the cues for demand feeding can come from you or baby. You don't have to wait for baby to say it's time if you are engorged, you should offer to nurse if baby will latch on.
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