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  1. Re: I think We're finished with BF - And I'm devastated!

    Kristen, you have written so beautifully about the bittersweet pain of a gentle, full-term weaning. Your post has powerfully recalled some of my own memories of my son's weaning more than two years...
  2. Re: Do you have a different nationality from your child? I need your help!

    My experience traveling alone with a child through Canada was that the authorities' concerns had NOTHING to do with different nationalities but simply with the fact that I was the only parent...
  3. Re: What happens to babies in poor countries when mothers can't BF?

    Cultural anthropologist chiming in here with a couple observations:

    There is a real risk when we look at other cultures, especially ones very different from our own, that we will either judge...
  4. Puerto Rican BF promotion video -- some marvelous toddler-nursing shots

    This just makes me go :love

    Lovely b&w camera work, a sweet Spanish lullaby, and OH! what beautiful real-life nurslings and mommas!

    Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a culture...
  5. Re: Do you find it creepy when they talk about it?

    This is so interesting! It's reminding me that oxytocin is the hormone that controls both orgasm and milk-ejection (letdown), and which has also been proven to increase social, compassionate, or...
  6. Re: terms of breastfeeding endearment?

    My son was often "Milky-Mouth Michael" -- especially when he reached the blissed-out "not-another-drop-it's-just-sooooo-goood" point.

  7. Re: How to resolve disagreement over tongue-tie and DS with pursed lips

    One more comment: Your mention of the baby's pursed lips makes me wonder if he might also have a short/tight labial frenulum (the membrane between the upper lip and gum.) This would definitely be...
  8. Re: How to resolve disagreement over tongue-tie and DS with pursed lips

    It is frustrating when different health care providers have conflicting opinions. For reasons that are not clear to me, the topic of tongue-tie is one that seems to be surrounded with controversy...
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    Poll: Re: When did your period come back?

    Twelve weeks to the day. And I had done nothing but nurse that baby, day and night. I think he had gone maybe 5 hours without nursing once or twice during those 12 weeks.

    What can I say? Life...
  10. Re: Advice to keep up supply while supplementing

    That's a good question. I would say go ahead and pump even if it's been a while since he ate and he might want to nurse again in another hour. Frequent stimulation and emptying is the way to boost...
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    Re: feel cold all the time

    Isn't this one symptom of low thyroid? When did you have your last complete physical exam?

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    Re: Plugged duct or cancer?

    It's a good idea to see your doctor anytime you have an unexplained breast lump. If this doesn't turn out to be a plugged duct, your doctor can order a breast ultrasound which is non-invasive,...
  13. Re: Help!! nursing strike, weaning, what??????

    Wow, I can remember how frustrated I got when my son was at his most distractible ... this is intense! The fact that your baby is still nursing well during the night and when he is barely awake...
  14. Re: Advice to keep up supply while supplementing

    Welcome! What a cutie! I can understand why you feel bad about supplementing with formula, but based on your detailed description of Cyrus's weight gain, it does seem quite clear that this was the...
  15. Re: 11 day old girl and fast let down issues

    Welcome Cathie, and congratulations on your new daughter! I must say I'm partial to the name Rebecca!

    It sounds to me like you have done your homework and know what you are dealing with and how...
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    Re: advised to supplement-help!

    This is something that varies tremendously according to how effectively the baby is transferring milk from the breast, how frequently the baby is nursing, and how easily the mother's letdown response...
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    Re: advised to supplement-help!

    There is certainly no reason to stop breastfeeding. So keep nursing. But let's take a closer look at your baby's growth and try to figure out what is going on there.

    You mentioned his birth...
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    Re: beer, MIL driving me nuts

    I heard this same thing from a family friend who happened to be Welsh. She had breastfeed all three of her children and swore that a Guinness in the late afternoon every day got her through cluster...
  19. Re: Update on pinching feeling during bf

    That's wonderful news! Thank you for the update! I am especially pleased to hear that you took a latch problem to an IBCLC, she spent substantial time helping you, and it worked!

  20. Re: Wife Sick / Baby has diarrhea now...

    Keep breastfeeding!

    It is my understanding that food poisoning is not transmitted through breastmilk. It is more likely that your wife has a stomach virus and that your daughter has caught the...
  21. Re: 3 week old went 8 hours between feedings

    One question -- how has your son's weight gain been since birth?

    It's not _common_ for a 3wo to sleep 8 hours at night, no. But it's not necessarily harmful, either. It all depends on how well...
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    Re: is it possible?

    Latching and nursing for five minutes is a very promising start! When a baby is very "nipple confused" (i.e. strongly prefers a bottle), she might not latch at all! Don't rush to conclude that your...
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    Re: White Nipples

    I think yeast or blisters would be painful. This could be another type of skin problem or possibly even a bacterial infection (although it seems odd that there would be no pain with it...)

  24. Re: 5 week old only nursing for 1-2 minutes! help!

    Again -- provided her diaper output remains good -- this behavior suggests that she is satisfied with the amount of milk she has just received. Falling asleep or refusing to nurse longer is not a...
  25. Re: 5 week old only nursing for 1-2 minutes! help!

    You sound like you're worried because your baby's nursing patterns have changed and you're not sure she's nursing long enough now.

    The best, most reliable way to be sure your baby is getting...
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