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  1. Thawed B-milk - do I have to throw it out?

    I was traveling for work and shipping my b-milk overnight home. One of the shipments got all mixed up and it never showed up at my house. Anyway, by the time my husband managed to get a hold of the...
  2. Re: plugged duct lower supply? How can I get it back up?

    a bit of an update. After about a week of lower supply, it looked like my supply was coming back up. I pumped and got a little over 3 oz versus the less than 2 oz that I was getting before. I was...
  3. plugged duct lower supply? How can I get it back up?

    My supply changed suddenly after I got a plugged duct. I have always been fairly consistent in my pumping. I usually get about 2 oz from my left breast and between 3-4 oz from my right breast. My...
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    advice on shipping milk

    I'm going to be out of town for an entire week for work. This trip popped up on me unexpected, so I don't have enough milk stored for an entire week. I'm planning on pumping while I'm away and...
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    Re: 4mos and refuses the bottle

    I thought I was the only one with a baby that didn't like a bottle. She refused the bottle (and I tried every brand, size, etc as well) for months until I finally gave up trying. At around 6...
  6. Re: One week biz trip and not enough milk in the fridge

    I couldn't believe it when I read the subject line. I am in the exact same boat!

    My daughter is 10 months old and I have been exclusively breastfeeding her the entire time. We moved a few...
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