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  1. Re: EPing as a choice after returning to work

    Exactly. Even if BFing is not enjoyable, the time saved in the long run makes it so worth it.

    There are many working and pumping moms who go on to work FT and nurse too. Look at some of their...
  2. Re: Pump weaning and irregular schedule/part-time work

    I work PT, and I quit pumping with my third before he was a year and nursed in demand at home. It was fine. I worked Saturday all day and was home the rest of the time.

    And yes, it will be fine....
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    Re: Please, PLEASE help me *long*

    Has anyone suggested treating for thrush? ETA: I ask, because I had no classic symptoms of thrush and it hurt so much for way longer than it should have. Within days of starting APNO, it was much...
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    Re: Bottle Suggestions

    Every baby is different and prefers different bottles.

    I don't know if I would use a Calma. The milk, from what I have seen, pours out.

    My second and four babies have done well with...
  5. Re: Pediatrician Told Me To Stop Breastfeeding

    Yes, it is normal for ALL babies to have an I must nurse constantly time in the evenings. This is instinctual and good for your supply.
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    Re: Breastfeeding, Naps & Daycare

    Maybe find a really small daycare? One with only older kids? I do thus so my DCP had time to spend with my baby/toddler and hold him if need be.
  7. Re: EPing as a choice after returning to work

    Beth is right. My EPed for baby is a HORRIBLE sleeper. Bottles do not mean your baby is going to sleep great.

    There are also some really excellent reasons the WHO considers pumped milk second...
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    Re: Struggling for 12 weeks

    It may still be a matter of time. I would not give up. And if he needs a shield, he needs a shield.
  9. Re: 1 month baby won't take the bottle

    Try having someone else offer and you not even be home.
  10. Re: 10 month old with one month biting after nursing strike

    I would suggest trying to pump more often. I suffered through literally 9 months of severe pain while EPing for my fourth baby. Vasospasm, sores, everything. What worked was to never use anythng...
  11. Re: Attempting to pump for the first time

    I'm not going to lie. Exclusively pumping is WAY more work than you think it is going to be.

    I would suggest dirct breastfeeding instead. It becomes easier than EPing is.

    You will need to pump...
  12. Re: EPing as a choice after returning to work

    I am so confused. Why give up the relationship with your baby? It is a fabulous way to reconnect after work. EPing is way more work with two kids! BTDT. IEPed with four, and it was, quite frankly, a...
  13. Re: 8 Month slump...need support encouragement

    Most mothers find they need to pump at work until baby is a year. Then they can phase out the pump and nurse at home.

    I changed my membranes and valves regularly. The valves not as often, but the...
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    Re: Struggling for 12 weeks

    Anybody ever check for a posterior tongue tie?
  15. Re: Feel like quitting? Don't - IT DOES GET BETTER!!!

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    Re: Desperate for Sleep Help

    :ita age. Even my bottlefed baby slept horrible at that age.
  17. Re: newborn eats for more than an hour and a half at a time

    Your breasts are never empty. Put down the pump and the formula. And just nurse. Nursing is how baby increase your supply.

    You are NOT a pacifier. You are a MOTHER. Doing what your baby needs....
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    Re: VERY mucousy poops?

    Some of all my babies' stools were slimy to some extent. Dairy is a common allergen, but a dairy elimination trial is tough. Could be worth a shot if you want to give it a whirl.
  19. Re: Stressful bedtime routine with bottle of expressed BM by

    He can bond in other ways. Breastfeeding isn't about milk. For babies, it is often associated with hormones and a warm snuggly feeding they do not get from a bottle. I found it easier to nurse baby...
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    Re: Fixing bad latch in 3 month old

    Has anyone evaluated for a tongue tie? Some types are very difficult to diagnose.

    Personally, I don't know if I would worry so much about weight.
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    Re: Considering EPing - need feedback

    Um, NO. I was NOT happier. I did NOT feel more closely bonded. In fact, that stupid bottle and the 1000+ hours I spent at the pump detracted from my relationship with that baby. I HATED those special...
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    Re: Pumping ONLY

    You should consider getting baby to the breast instead of exclusively pumping. EPing is easy now, but in a few months, it won't be.

    An IBCLC would be very helpful in your situation.
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    Re: Just lost 300 ounces frozen milk

    :cry I am so, so sorry.
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    Re: Pumping while driving/commuting

    Hands free bra, hook up before starting the car, cover up with a cover or with your shirt and turn it on and make sure it feels Ok before driving off. I used to leave it and not try to take it off...
  25. Re: newborn congestion, normal or pets?

    IME, normal. Babies make lots of noise.
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