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  1. Re: Ouchie breasts... for two different reasons

    do you mean the cut is on your areola at the base of your nipple? I have had the odd abrasion there from my sons top teeth rubbing, I deal with it by lying him the opposite way than usual when he...
  2. Re: pls help me with a possible nursing strike

    my son did this at a similar age! it went on for about a month and to this day I have no idea why! I found it easier to get him to latch if I was moving (not that easy but worth it in the end! I...
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    Re: Night weaned - FINALLY

    what a fantastic story! :clap it is really inspiring to read things like this, it gives me some hope for the future, no matter how long it takes :lol
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    Re: Booze

    I hope he doesn't ask you for 'booze' loudly in public! :lol
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