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    Re: LO has small nose openings

    I am glad we aren't the only one with this issue. I tried the saline earlier and the syringe, but I think I made one nostril worse. It looks swollen now. I am so confused about this. He sounds...
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    LO has small nose openings

    My DS has very small nose openings. It almost looks like there is something inside each nostril on the sides, but it is just skin. I think it may be interfering with BF because it is hard for him...
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    Growth spurt behavior in 3 week old?

    My DS is 3.5 weeks old and the past two days he nursed every 1.5 to 2 hours round the clock it seemed. He also wouldn't sleep much at all during the day (30 minutes maybe at a time) and didn't go to...
  4. Could he be just eating too much!!!

    My DS is 2 weeks old and today he has spit up several times a lot when I burp him after a feeding. He has been spitting up for a while now, but not after every feeding and not everyday. I do have...
  5. Re: OALD at 1 week old - Should I be doing this?

    Thanks everyone for the ideas and support. Last night and today seems better so far. He is just a guzzler and loves to eat. I think that may also be part of our problem. I think he eats too much...
  6. OALD at 1 week old - Should I be doing this?

    With my DD, my OALD didn't occur until about the 5th week. With my DS, which is 1 week old today, it started at 5 days. :yikes

    DS was choking and I just don't like it. It scares me. He also is...
  7. Almost one week old and pumping exclusively

    Okay, so we started out BF'ing and all was fine until my milk came in at 3 days and once again I start having OALD. This didn't happen to me with my first one until around 5 weeks into BF'ing the...
  8. 5 days old and I'm a walking zombie HELP!!

    My DS will be 5 days old today. I am not new at breastfeeding, as I did it with my 3.5 year old. My milk came in real early this time and I am huge. :yikes

    DS is doing well during the day, but...
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