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  1. Re: Wondering about nursing to sleep in the long run

    I was in the same boat...after reading certain books or getting advice from others the say nursing to sleep is a no-no. I nursed my son to sleep since birth and now he is 2 1/2. We still nurse when...
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    Re: Past 18 months: why?

    so is that why I'm so extremely tired this time around because I'm still nursing, although he only does at bedtime and nap? I can't get rid of this fatigue....I'm still waiting for the great 2nd...
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    my child is taking forever to go to sleep

    :rolleyes: Now that we're not nursing as much...only for naps and bedtime. I'm having trouble with him falling asleep while nursing. He'll nurse get out of bed, nurse....it's not so easy anymore....
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