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  1. Re: Feel like I am failing at breastfeeding

    I try and supplement with the milk I pump but I only get about 1-3oz from the whole days worth of pumping. I actually got my pump for free from my health insurance its a Ameda double electric pump. I...
  2. Re: Feel like I am failing at breastfeeding

    I pump after each nursing session. He generally nurses 9-11 times a day and takes about 10 ounces of formula each day. His last weight check he was at 6lbs 6oz. The visiting nurse comes tomorrow to...
  3. Re: Feel like I am failing at breastfeeding

    Thanks so much! We were at the pediatrician when she said his top lip and near his nose were blue so she checked his oxygen levels and it was at 81% Then she said his heart rate was low and we were...
  4. Feel like I am failing at breastfeeding

    My baby boy is now 3 weeks old and has been nursing and supplementing with formula since he was 5 days old. When he was born he was 6lbs 2oz when we left the hospital he was 5 lbs 8oz. We were told...
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    Re: Heartbroken, about to quit BF

    We have been having the same problem. He was also born 6 lbs 2 oz we left the hospital at 5 lbs 8oz. When he was 5 days old he was still at 5 lbs 8 oz so the pediatrician said to supplement him. A...
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