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  1. Re: How long did you send breastmilk to daycare?

    This is very interesting to me, because my little guy is now 9 months, and I thought I'd have to pump while at work until he was weaned. So, how much breast milk do your children get total do you...
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    Re: Uneven Milk Production

    I am also in the lopsided breasts clan! There are many of us! :D
    My husband's theory is that our little guy didn't like having his right arm pinned, so he only wanted to nurse on the right side. ...
  3. Re: She is starting to wean and i am so sad

    I just had the nine month dip and I am so happy that it is common! :)
    I was so worried that my supply would just continue to go down. I work full time, and I was pumping like a mad woman. I was...
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    Re: Introducing sippy cup for ebm

    My husband couldn't get our son (now 8 months) to a bottle a few times while I was at work, so we read that a cup might work. We tried many cups, even taking out the valve that makes the child have...
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