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    When does this get better?

    First, I should say I breast fed my son for over 2 years as a SAHM. It was trying but I don't remember it being as hard as my little 7 week old hungry monster I have now! lol I've written on her...
  2. Re: Dont know how this isngoing to work

    Last night wasnt as bad...fewer times waking up to nurse. She didnt sleep much while imwas gone (3-4 hrs total). Took 11 ounces of ebm. I pumped the most ive ever pumped today (20 ounces). When i got...
  3. Re: Dont know how this isngoing to work

    Thanks debbers for those encouraging words. Its hard but well worth the health and bonding benefits. I bfd my son for little over 2 years. This newest edition is a little more difficult than the...
  4. Dont know how this isngoing to work

    So i started back to work this week, pumping 3 times during the day and nursing when i go home. My 6 week old had a routine of basically nursing all day with little to no naps and sleeping at night...
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    Moby sling for nursing

    I just purchased a moby sling to wear baby while ingetnthings done around the house amd watch a 3 year old. Just wondering if anyone has nursed successfully in a moby with a 5 week old. Im just not...
  6. Re: 3 week old Growth spurt and supplementing

    Since I had been giving formula to the baby, she had been fussy, gassy and constipated. I think it had a something to do with not wanting to actively nurse..the past couple if days I managed to only...
  7. Re: 3 week old Growth spurt and supplementing

    Thanks for replying. I've been supplementing about 3 bottles if 2.5 ounces everyday for a week now after I nurse her. The nursing is active for about 5 minutes and then she either starts to...
  8. 3 week old Growth spurt and supplementing

    I dont know where to begin, but i breastfed my last child for over 2 years with the normal amount of problems in the beginning. My new baby is a little differnt. She wants to be nursing non stop all...
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