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  1. Re: supposed to sleep thru the night?

    Remember that sleeping through the night for a baby means a 5 hour stretch.....not a 10-12 hour stretch as we would like. Every baby is diferent and some achieve this milestone sooner!!! I dreamt of...
  2. Re: Fresh orange juice for 8-month baby?

    oranges are too acididc and can cause rash in babies botom....plus thay can be allergenic and cause diahrrea....so I would not give it to your baby....breastmilk is enough.
  3. Re: Solids - additional calories?

    Im pretty sure that for babies under the age of one milk is the most important source of nutrition, be it BM or formula. Also, after 6 months the amount a baby will take is about 20oz a day (and...
  4. Re: When is it too early to start solids?!

    Hi! when you start giving solids I would recomend you make your baby´s food, it´s much more healthy and tastes much better. (I tried a peach jar food once I bought on an emergency and it was...
  5. Re: Hiccups after breast fed but fine while bottle fed

    hicups do not have any medical importance.....my Lo would have them at night usually, but he would fall asleep with them.....now sometimes has them after solids, or nursing. No pattern at all, but...
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    Re: Supplements for newborn?

    I have had many colds and my nursing baby not even a sneeze!! I just live normally, no face masks...just being sick and nursing!! I am truly amazed at the power of breastmilk!!
  7. Re: Balancing Feeding with Family Visiting

    gosh, I feel for you!! I kinda went ahead of "posible future problems". This is what I did.. haha...we eliminated the guest room, now it´s a junk room (I even sold the bed), so I can´t have...
  8. Re: I need a type of "how to guide to starting solids"

  9. Re: How often should I be BF my 8 month old? Is there such a thing as too much BF?

    When you want to start the slow process of weaning.......it´s up to you and your baby.....
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    Re: A little sad :(

    lately I´ve been looking at my DS and he does not look like a baby anymore (he´s 10 months old).....and he does not act like a baby too...he´s getting so independent from me...he does not know about...
  11. Re: She *REALLY* likes her bananas...

    Because of the fact that many children tend to be allergic to egg whites, doctors advise that you avoid egg whites altogether for the first year. If there is a family history of food allergy, then it...
  12. Re: She *REALLY* likes her bananas...

    I beg to differ with the egg issue. Eggs are HIGHLY ALLERGENIC!!! and allergic reactions to egg are quite severe, that is why they are recommended after the first year, specially the whites (the...
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    Re: Need for iron?

    infant cereal is thought to be SOOOO iron fortified!!! when it actually has so little of it. One serving size (like an oz dry cereal) has only 7% of the iron requirements of a baby....so that being...
  14. Re: can baby have onion and unsalted saltine cracker?

    I use onions and garlic in my babies purees all the time and he loves them...

    I´m a big onion and garlic user and want my LO to love them too.
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    Re: eating enough!??!

    My baby has a phase like that too....until I understood that there is no way you can force feed a breastfed baby- If they are full they will just not feed anymore, just like Us......I mean, I would...
  16. Re: is rice cereal/oatmeal necessary?

    cereal by themselves are :gross I always mix them with his veggie and fruit purees...I have never given them to my baby with milk or by itself.
  17. Re: laugh!!! why moms cant do yoga!!

    yup...babies as they get mobile learn lots of things...and they certainly know where the good stuff comes from....haha lol:lol

    My 9 month old crawls around and sometimes I´m on the floor with him...
  18. laugh!!! why moms cant do yoga!!

    Check out this video if you want to laugh a little!!!

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    Re: Low milk supply concerns

    Oh!! I forgot.

    Babies sucking and swallowing reflexes are VERY strong......if he drinks what you offer of formula it does not mean that he was left hungry or needed it.....usually a baby will...
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    Re: Low milk supply concerns

    Hi!! welcome...

    LO means "Loved One"....ha ha...DS "Dear Son". DD "" Dear Daughter....DH "Dear Hubby"...

    By the way you describe his nursing it is perfectly normal for babies to suck actively...
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    Re: Need Help!!!

    maybe she is going through a growth spurt. Babies don`t maintain the same feeding patterns over time, they change according to their own needs and that what "on demand" feeding is all about. Listen...
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    Re: Breastfeeding & Reflux

    rice cereal does not in itself help reflux.....it just makes the milk much heavier on the stomach and much harder to digest. Just because spitting up decreases it does not solve the problem...
  23. Re: What time does your baby go to sleep at night?

    My 9 month old LO has two naps in the day, at 10 am (usually and hour) and at 2pm (another hour).....so by 7pm he is worn out...(crawls ALL DAY LONG) so at 7:30 he is sleeping!!!! it`s great for us...
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    Re: desperately needing support!!!

    Hi....congrats on your baby!! I know how hard it is the first few weeks....

    Three weeks is young and you CAN build up your suppy...the younger the baby it is easier......

    I began coming back to...
  25. Re: When do babies start sleeping through the night?

    Hi.....sleeping through the night is a very individual thing, eatch baby is diferent...

    I think it´s not good to compare our babies with others....what is the point? My baby is 9 months old and...
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