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    Re: When did you baby STTN?

    My lo didn't sleep through the night until she was 12 months old. She had pretty much night weaned herself.
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    Re: Low Carb Diet and Supply

    You may want to try doing a paleo type diet ( still low carb since you eat minimal grains and sugar).
  3. Re: pinching and hands in face while breastfeeding.

    okay that mental picture is hilarious lol. Just a little update. She is geting much better just now instead of pinching she bites :/
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    Re: Not sure about doc's advice

    For the first 6 weeks you should do nothing but rest and nurse your baby :) It takes a lot of energy to eat and some babies are just slow eaters. At first it would take me 30-45 per breast. I had a...
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    Re: Completely Desperate ... Thrush

    Wow!!! you sure are one strong mama:)

    Do you think that you may have a overgrowth of yeast in your body? I had something similar to candida and it caused bad yeast infections. If you do have...
  6. Re: pinching and hands in face while breastfeeding.

    Thanks for the great ideas :) I tried just letting her hold my hand and that worked for a while. Then her stuffed monkey came into play. She loved having her monkey :) She was just smiling away at...
  7. pinching and hands in face while breastfeeding.

    My daughter LOVES to put her hands in my face while she is eating. She has recently started trying to jam her fingers in my nose :/ Since she is only 7 months old is she even old enough to start...
  8. Need some advice. 7m lo and possible prego?

    Alright when my daughter was 4 months old I had a hormonal pregnancy. I had all the symptoms but there was no baby. Now my lo is almost 7 months and I have swollen boobs, nausea, motion sickness (...
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    Pressure to wean already

    Okay I plan to nurse my dd till she is at least 18-24 months. We are not starting selective shots until then. But get this I'm already getting pressure to wean. My dd is only 4 months old now. What...
  10. Re: Need help feeding 5 day old please!!!!!!!!!!! Stressing

    I had the same thing with my 3 month old when she was 8 days old. One of my nipples was a raw bloody giant sore that would leave me crying while she was eating. I learned that keeping some sort of...
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    Re: nursing a congested 8-week-old

    My lo was just 3 weeks old when she came diwn with bronchitis. So we had to deal with a week of a really snotty nose. My pedi recommended using: a humidifier( made sure it has a CLEAN filter, other...
  12. Sensitivity to milk but not other dairy

    My lo is 12 weeks old. At 3 weeks she was diagnosed with a dairy allergy. She had colic- like symptoms with mucus in her stools that completely cleared up after I got off all dairy. But get this....
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    Need some help northern mamas

    Alright. We are on a trip going from southwest louisiana to Alexandria, Minnesota to see my husbands grandparents. This southern mama is clueless on how to do a few thing so here we go . ...
  14. 10 week old nursing for 3 hours straight!!

    Lo is 10 weeks old. I posted a few days ago about wondering if my cold could tank my supply. Well she had done nothing but nurse for the last 3 hours. Every time I take her off she starts rooting...
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    Re: Dip in supply cold the cause?

    I pump that on top of breastfeeding her. My left side produced 7 ounces one day and 2 hrs later was swollen lol !! I had been pumping the extra to give to my mom because She always has supply issues....
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    Dip in supply cold the cause?

    I came down with a cold 5 days ago . Have the classic signs fever, chills, snotty nose, watery eyes, sore throat, and swollen glands. I just noticed over the last few days my supply is gone down...
  17. Re: Breastfeeding a newborn while pregnant

    I waited a few more days and took another one and it was a negative but I'm still really nauseated In the mornings. Talked to my midwife and it may be possible that it just hormones from being...
  18. Re: Breastfeeding a newborn while pregnant

    I took one a couple of days ago and it had a very faint positive but I have been very nauseated in the mornings and had cramping after intercourse( which is how I found out with my first one ) I'm...
  19. Breastfeeding a newborn while pregnant

    My lo is 7 weeks old and I am pretty sure that I am pregnant again. We were trying to use bf as a type of birth control but apparently I am one of the few that still ovulates even though she nurses...
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    Re: In need to some advice!!

    *the nipple butter is earth mama not natural mama lol
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    Re: In need to some advice!!

    Congrats mama!!!! First I just want to give you a big hug:) With a 7 week old of my own I know how hard it can be in the beginning. By day 8 in breastfeeding I had a bleeding left nipple that was...
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    Re: Snotty nose and acid reflux

    That sounds like what's going on. She has had bad gas since she was 3 weeks old. I mean its bad!! You can hear it rumbeling in her belly and sometimes she sucks her knees up and cries
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    Snotty nose and acid reflux

    My lo is 7 weeks old and she has just been put on meds for acid reflux. I really don't like using meds on her since I only use herbs with the occasional meds for myself. I am a little nervous about...
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    Gaining weight to fast?

    My lo is 6 weeks old. She is a wonderful nurser. She eats every 2-3 hours during the day than goes to sleep around 8:30 and getting up at 2 and 5:30 at night. She has 6 wet / 3 poo diapers a day. ...
  25. Re: In-laws trying to give junk food to baby rant

    There is no need for a baby that young to get all that sugar so young. You could always try giving them a healthier option if they really want to feed him. Mama natural has a recipe for a healthy...
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