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    Re: chickenpox

    I think that typically the younger they are when they get chicken pox, the milder it is. I was around 8 when I caught the chicken pox, and I was horribly sick with it - and absolutely covered in...
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    Re: Thumbsucking

    It's totally normal and fine! My DS has sucked his thumb since he was about 18 weeks in utero (we have an ultrasound picture to prove it!). For the first few months after he was born, I did worry...
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    Re: Avocado? Not so much . . .

    My DS HATED avocado the first few times, but now it's one of his favourite foods. I kept trying it again periodically, and he finally decided he liked it, especially when it's cut into little pieces...
  4. Re: breastfeeding moms of small babies--how not to worry?

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that 1 lb. a month was usually what my LO gained, too, until he started solids at 5.5 months.
  5. Re: breastfeeding moms of small babies--how not to worry?

    I know how you're feeling and it's really hard sometimes when your LO is smaller than average to not worry about whether or not they are getting enough to eat. I constantly worried for about the...
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    Re: Eating the same food every day...okay?

    I've heard that, too, and I really think that it's true. My LO absolutely hated some foods when I first introduced them, avocado being one of them, but now it's one of his favourite foods!
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    Re: Sign of Deficiency?

    Just thought I'd let you know that I've heard that dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of allergies. My DS has some allergies, although I haven't seen them on him. However, I know that it...
  8. Re: Plz help again! Cracked peeled nipples! I can't take it!

    Hang in there mama! Sore nipples are the worst. I don't know if you've already looked at this Dr. Sears site regarding sore nipples or not, but I know some of the suggestions/techniques really...
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    Re: Dumb serving question

    :hello I have a babyfood cookbook called, The Baby's Table, and in it the author does recommend that baby food not be microwaved due to the fact that it may reduce the nutrients in some fruits and...
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    Re: Thumb Sucking While Eating Cereal

    My DS is just over 6 months, and he did that, too, for about the first week when we started solids (approx. 3 weeks ago). However, he's barely doing it anymore. I felt that he was doing it because...
  11. Re: Nipple blanching & Clamping pain. Thrush?

    I just thought of something when I was feeding my LO a little while ago, that I had totally forgotten about last night when I posted. All the nurses at first told me that his latch was great even...
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    Re: Signs of reflux?

    My LO was diagnosed with reflux at 2 months. He spit up small amounts quite frequently, and now and then would have huge, projectile spit-ups. He would want to breastfeed, but then would stop...
  13. Re: Nipple blanching & Clamping pain. Thrush?

    I definitely feel for you! :hug I had the same problem for about the first 2 months, where it felt like my nipples were being pinched and twisted whenever DS fed. After he was finished they were...
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