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    Re: Help! My baby is a piglet.

    Both of my first two kids were extremely fast gainers who loved to nurse frequently. My son was 19 lbs at 3 months and my daughter not far behind. I always heard about how chubby they were and...
  2. Side-lying nursing and milk coming out of nose?

    My daughter is 5 weeks old and when I nurse lying down, she often ends up with milk coming out her nose. Is this common or a cause for concern? I have a very fast letdown and she has been congested....
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    Re: HELP!!

    I never pumped but when my son was 5 months old he was definitely still nursing every two hours so maybe he's waking in the night to make up for the daytime (I think it's called reverse cycling). It...
  4. Re: Period is back, LO is almost 10 months and breastfeeding

    Mine came back at 2 months!! And I nursed non-stop at that point!
  5. Advice re:traveling hubby and nursing my young daughter

    Hello ladies, it's been awhile since I have posted on this site at all. My son is 2.5 and I used to post a lot when he was younger. I nursed him until a few months ago and now I am 31 weeks pregnant...
  6. Low supply and sore nipples during pms and period?

    Hello mamas, I was wondering if any of you have experienced low supply particularly during pms and your period? Although I nurse frequently around the clock, I began menstruating again at about 2...
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    Re: Good chart out there?

    askdrsears.com has a great one that I am loosely following - love wholesome baby food too!
  8. 4.5 mo waking every 2hrs at night! So sad and tired...i need help/advice!!

    My son is almost 5 months old and EBF since birth. He is huge (18lbs) and a happy baby who is meeting/exceeding all his milestones and has a good number of wet and poopy diapers. He does seem to toot...
  9. Re: Increase in production when sick??

    Thanks ladies! We are both all better and things are back to normal. Just wondered if any others had experienced this before. Thanks again:)
  10. Increase in production when sick??

    I have had a lot of success breastfeeding my 4 month old son with only a slight oversupply issue in the early weeks. This past week I was sick with a cold and then my son came down with it too. Not...
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