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    Mastitis or something else??


    My DS is 8 weeks this week and I think I may have had mastitis (again?), but I'm not sure! :confused: My left breast by my armpit is tender to the touch (getting better today though) and I had...
  2. Re: Eating so often--don't think we can make

    Not sure if you've had any success yet but what if your husband gets up with him once a night and gives him a bottle of EBM? That way you at least get one "longer" stretch of sleep, it may help take...
  3. Re: 6 week old "snacking" in the middle of the night

    Thanks for the support! I'll try to view this change in night time nursing habits as a different routine to get used to for now and not a form of regression! Mommal, I was thinking that he may be...
  4. 6 week old "snacking" in the middle of the night

    Hi there,

    My 6 week old son normally eats every 3hrs and nurses for about 10-15minutes on each breast. We had somewhat of a schedule going where he would nurse every 3 hours at night, sometimes if...
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