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  1. Re: Very Anemic 16 mo. old...what to do?

    I would also recommend against Poly-vi-sol, as it has additives in it (such as caramel coloring). Carlson's for kids makes supplement drops where only 1 drop is necessary, and you can put it on your...
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    Re: 1 Yr check up. Need advice

    This issue has come up a lot at our local chapter meetings! One of our leaders asked Dr. Andrew Dyer, D.O., who practices wellness (instead of symptom-based "medical" care). Here's what he said:
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    Re: On and off during bedtime feed

    My 14 month old, who is a bit of a night owl anyway, doesn't wander, but she does participate in "acrobatic nursing". We lie down to nurse to sleep and she's immediately on her knees nursing, on her...
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    Re: pumping?

    My daughter is 14 months, and I still pump on the days when I she is home w/ Daddy (an hour away from my work). These days I only pump twice a day, and get a total of around 5-6 oz. My daughter...
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