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    Re: pumped milk with thrush

    I/we have thrush and I was told I could still give it to LO but doon thereafter it's pumped - within days. Don't freeze/store it as that won't kill the yeast in the milk (if it's indeed in your milk)
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    Re: How to Increase Output

    I, too, am concerned about returning to work and pumping volume. I've been eating oatmeal (the instant kind, as a nurse told me that will work just as well as steel-cut) daily and that seems to help...
  3. Re: Pumping vs. at the breast (volume question)

    Thanks for the reassurance! Did you/do you use any thing to supplement (i.e. the fenugeek, oatmeal, etc.)? I also wonder if the thrush is interfering with the supply, as I have it too. I just don't...
  4. Pumping vs. at the breast (volume question)

    My LO is 9 weeks old and in about 3 1/2 weeks I'll be headed back to work. :eek: Outside of the emotional issues I'm facing with leaving my baby, :cry I'm concerned about my pumping. I feed LO at the...
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    Re: wiggling

    try this for ideas.... http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/baby/fussy-while-nursing.html
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    Re: other ideas for gas pains

    Our LO has alot of gas, too. We burp her as frequently as possible, even when she's not eating. Also putting the baby over the shoulder (belly ON your shoulder) to create some pressure is good. We...
  7. Re: Why is one breast fuller all the time

    I'm the same too. I've heard that your production is higher on your "dominant" side; meaning if you are left-handed, you will produce more milk on the left breast.
  8. Fact or fiction...altering bf positions

    Is there any truth to the idea of altering BF positions (cross-cradle, clutch, etc) to get at different milk ducts?

  9. Re: overactive milk or 'normal' fussiness?

    I have the exact same problem and so would love to hear a response from other moms with experience in this area. My 6-week-old is also fussy with a lot of gas and straining/pushing that clearly is...
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    Re: Consoling the little one

    I, too, recommend "Happiest Baby on the Block" (dvd or book). Swaddling, swinging, ssssh'ing, sucking....these things work like a charm for my LO who is 6 weeks and fussy alot. Good luck!
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