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  1. Re: Inhibited Let-down on "Off" Side

    Usually when my baby is feeding on one breast he triggers a let down in both breast at the same time, so my other breast that he's not feeding from just soaks the breast pad. Just to clarify, that's...
  2. Flu shot for a 10 1/2 month old breast fed baby?

    Hi everyone. I would like to know others opinions (I know it's not medical advice) regarding getting your breast fed baby a flu shot. I don't want to, but my father lives with us and he travels every...
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    Re: Her first stuffy nose

    Hi! My son currently has the same issue, along with a minor cough. He has never had any severe illness knock on wood, just some minor colds. I too love the nosefrida but my son won't let me get an...
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    Re: 10 month old: how much solids?

    My son is 10 months also, and I am lucky if I can get him to eat 1-2 x day. He loves PUFFS and he will sometimes eat applesauce (he HATES being fed with a spoon :angrypin) lol. So, I also make our...
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    Re: sterilizing pump parts

    I put my pump cups in boiling water and it cracked, so be careful. Now, while at work I only rinse with hot water and pat dry and once every few weeks I let sit in hot soapy water for a good...
  6. Re: Weight loss 10 months post partum-breast feeding

    Update: I went to the doctors (PCP) and she is rechecking my thyroid and cbc and a few other labs. If they come back normal again, she has referred me to an endocrinologist. She seemed quite...
  7. Re: Weight loss 10 months post partum-breast feeding

    Thank you, now I know to push for some more testing. Hoping all is ok and this will resolve soon, but better to be safe then sorry.
  8. Re: Weight loss 10 months post partum-breast feeding

    Good question. My OBGYN and PCP told me that these are side effects from breastfeeding. Some hair stylists say they have seen the same thing, breast feeding women lose a lot of hair. They made it...
  9. Re: Weight loss 10 months post partum-breast feeding

    Yes, correct. I had labwork checked 4-6 months ago. I do not remember the exact date. I am experiencing all those symptoms and sleep disturbances. I thought I wasn't sleeping because I am a first...
  10. Re: Weight loss 10 months post partum-breast feeding

    Thank you both. I will have her recheck my labs and thyroid. One person would tell me this was normal due to breastfeeding, but as you said, our bodies were designed to give nutrition to babies and...
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    Re: Nursing Strike & Clogged Ducts

    Thats great! My son started biting me as well, but I gently push his cheecks in to unlatch and politely say no biting and remove the breast for a few seconds and he has learned and hasn't bitten me...
  12. Weight loss 10 months post partum-breast feeding

    Hi everyone! When I got pregnant I weighed 150 lbs. When I delivered my baby I weighed 180 lbs. 10 months later, I now weigh 112 lbs. I breast feed my son who has allergies to dairy and soy so I do...
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    Re: Breastfeeding & PUMPING

    Hi, just an update =) I gave my husband the handout you linked to me and we are working on feeding the baby when he is hungry and not on a schedule. My husband was feeding him every 3 hours before...
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    Re: decrease in pumping breast milk

    That has happened to me. I work 8 hours and pump twice, 15 minutes each, which some say is enough and others say isn't. I normally get 2.5-3 oz each breast and sometimes when I am over tired, or...
  15. Re: 4.5 m.o. cycling through multiple letdowns while sleepin

    Thats a good question actually. I am curious about the answer. This happens to my son as well, he is 10 months old. He doesn't fall into a deep nap because he still suckles here and there every few...
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    Re: Breastfeeding & PUMPING

    Thanks again, my son normally still wakes up for night time feedings :cosleep , so I will already be awake, it'll just be for a tad bit longer. I am already so wiped out I don't think it can get any...
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    Re: supply questions

    I would never pump during the day because I would be scared I'd pump everything that the baby would need to eat. So, I would pump all night long. He would only feed on one breast each time he woke so...
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    Re: Breastfeeding & PUMPING

    Wow! Thank you so much :thumbsup what a wonderful reply! So informative and you helped me understand much easier. I totally appreciate your time and information. I will try and add a third pumping...
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    Re: Time to Start Solids?


    I incorporated baby food at 4 months old. He loved it for two months (as well as continuing to breast feed) then around 6 months he wanted nothing to do with baby food anymore. I tried giving...
  20. Re: Normal Postpartum Hair Loss Prolonged by BFing?

    Hi, I am 10 months post partum and still breast feed my son. My hair loss is extreme and scary. I have seen the doctor who did all the blood tests which came back normal. I have had many bald patches...
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    Breastfeeding & PUMPING

    Hello mothers. I have a 10 month old son who I breast feed as much as possible. He loves breastmilk over table food. I work two days a week and on those days I am pumping. I pump twice at work at 15...
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